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Follow up on a previous Pennsylvania account

Follow up on a previous Pennsylvania account:

Sorry it took me so long to reply, this was the other empathic communication I had before the Pine Creek experience. Please keep my name confidential at this time.

I had a telepathic visual Sasquatch, it was actually in 2019. About mid summer Huntingdon County, PA. I began hearing strange whistles on the evening after supper while sitting on my back porch swing, I would say around 7 pm, a while before sunset, beginning of August. I live right on the edge of town. These whistles came from the woods probably 300 yards away from my north. Then another whistle replied from the south west along the river where it is very thick vegetation.

This happened for several nights. A few nights later, I woke up around 4 am to the feeling I was being watched from outside. My mind’s eye opened and peered around. Through my 3rd eye, I looked through the window and traced the feeling to just across the street under a pine tree. A Sasquatch was looking right at me smiling and waving at me. I waved back and eventually drifted back off to sleep.

A few nights later, I watched a video of Survivorman and the telepathic communication. So again same spot with my dog. And I asked if a Sasquatch was what I saw the other night thinking as before the Sasquatch I saw across the street in 2019. I heard a definitive no. I then asked if they were still here but I did not hear an answer. So according to that, it was not a Sasquatch I saw that night running, but what was it?

This past week, I was walking my dog in the morning and I looked up at the mountain as I normally do. As I was walking my dog in town, I felt an energy from the mountain.

A minute or two later a face of a Sasquatch enter into my mind. The Sasquatches are back for some reason. I have not heard any knocks, whistles, or whoops yet but that does not mean they are not around. Two years ago, I woke up one night in my mind’s eye to a vision of a Sasquatch standing underneath a pine tree just across the street from my house. In the vision, I saw through my bedroom window and the curtain across the street and saw the Sasquatch standing under the tree smiling.

SunBôw’s reply: Thank you for sharing your experience with our readers. It seems like they are contacting you, starting on the telepathic level. It is easier for us to first connect with them on that level. Knowing they can manifest in an astral form or in dreams opens the doors to almost infinite possibilities. As for the ”no” you heard, it is hard to tell for sure without having had the experience first hand. But one thing they taught me is that they will often give us an option to opt out of the experience anytime we wish to. It could be a trick they play for fun or a test to see our reaction and real intentions. Keep at it and stay open. When they reach out once, they usually reach out more than once, as they already know you. Time, patience, paying attention and practice are the keys. Nothing gets accomplished overnight, it is a long evolutionary process of learning and consciousness expanding. Best blessings on your quest…

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