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Strange Hairy People of the Malaysian Jungle

Strange Hairy People of the Malaysian Jungle:

“The identity of the hairy “fanged folk” who lurk in Malaya’s steamy jungle is an unsolved riddle…

”On the morning of March 7 1955. It was early not quite five am, Serene, a Lively girl of 16 was first on the spot where that particular group was to operate that day. She selected a row of trees and started to work Serene, a Iively girl of 16, was still humming to herself. Suddenly she felt a sharp tap on her left shoulder. Turning she looked up at a sight that literally paralysed her with fear. Right beside her were three big hairy creatures, two men and a woman who appeared to be human and half ape.”

”The creatures had hair to their shoulders and a fur-like growth about their mid-sections. Their skin was light but leathery-looking their noses flattened lightly upturned exposing large round nostrils. Their eyes were small and sunken under craggy brows. Most fearsome of all were the curved fangs that extended from their thick-lipped mouths.”

”For a full moment Serene could only stand there in wide-eyed horror unable even to call for help. The creatures seemed perturbed by her terror — they made what the girl later described as “friendly gestures” and tried to speak to her. The sounds the men made were “grunting and guttural” but the full breasted woman “Chirped like a bird” Finally when one of the men reached out and grasped Serene’s shoulder, she screamed and wrenched herself free falling to the ground. The other tappers heard her cries and came running, scaring off the creatures. She saw the creatures jump across the open space to the Jungle running with an arm-shoulder-swaying gait reminiscent of an ape. “

Excerpt and picture from The Kingston Whig Standard, 1966

Source: Bigfoot Mountain

Hairy tribe from Malaysia’s Jungle

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