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Sasquatch Activity in Southern Quebec

Sasquatch Activity in Southern Quebec

Note: A friend of mine who prefers to remain anonymous sent me the following message including her first hand experience that I translated from French and the link to the video below.

”Hello (SunBôw), I hope that you are doing well. I don’t know if I sent you this video yet. It happened in the village where I live since 24 years. A few years ago, I had a few curious telepathic moments while in the forest here, where I felt watched somehow and felt a presence benevolent towards me. But even greater than that: it was teaching me about Nature and this Love I carry for Her, of my ability for connection and sensibility and of the need to unify the world in general for Nature. Then the next day, a friend sent me this video without us having even talked about anything, a friend who had bumped into it by coincidence. So, then I was surprised because I did not believe in it so much, but with this video and the synchronicity I was confused, you know. Also, the site looks a lot like the land where my son’s father live in the village. Me, I live at 2.2 km from the village, surrounded by a young forest. I don’t talk about this to many people, but I know that you, you will like it. Don’t mention my name, I’m not ready. But you certainly can share the video and what I wrote.”

Video: Research by Bigfoot Quebec on sightings and activity in Southern Quebec.

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