Leaked Top Secret Scientific Report Discloses the Cover Up of Sasquatch

Leaked Top Secret Scientific Report Discloses the Cover Up of Sasquatch:

The popular Youtube channel The Facts by How-to-Hunt, with nearly a quarter of a million subscribers, is known for sharing auditors stories and submitted information related to Sasquatch. The channel just released a leaked top secret report sent by a retired nuclear physicist named Edgar Jenkins, who is now struggling with cancer.

The retired scientist has decided to release publicly this classified information and encourages his colleagues with knowledge about the topic to disclose it as well. The page is an insider memo from the US Nuclear Safety Commission about the ”Juveniles”, a code name to designate the Sasquatch, after they started being observed around nuclear missile bases, often along with flying lights or UAP (UFOs), at times causing incidents. The memo reveals not only that there is a definite recognition of the existence of those ”Other Worldly” beings, but also a detailed knowledge from observations, with a deliberate cover up and imposed silence to perpetuate the official denial and derision. There is also an allusion to their growing population worldwide.

In this video, Steve of How-to-Hunt describes the story in greater details. The first 17 minutes, he introduces the informant with his background and the context of the story. He then narrates the correspondence he has had with him, including the report above. At 35 minutes, he reads the detailed results of a secret scientific research conducted with measured observations of Sasquatch and a study of their eyesight, revealing they can see perfectly well in the dark and from very far. More info is awaited to be released soon.

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3 thoughts on “Leaked Top Secret Scientific Report Discloses the Cover Up of Sasquatch”

  1. These are absolutley incredible revelations, I am not sure why there aren’t more comments about this. I guess a lot of people find it difficult to accept such truths. Thanks so much for your work putting this and other mind blowing information out there. Please keep up the great work.

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