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Missouri Man tells about his Sasquatch encounters

Missouri Man tells about his Sasquatch encounters:

From Sasquatch Theory Youtube channel: ”In this video, I meet up with Scott at a conservation area to hear about his bigfoot encounters near Salem, MO.”

”Of all the Bigfoot encounters I’ve shared, this might be the most unique. As a Missouri man tells it, a Bigfoot ate his family’s leftovers… To summarize, Scott said his grandmother would take a 5-gallon bucket full of leftovers (aka “slop”) and leave it in the backyard. The next day it would be gone. The night Scott was smoking behind his grandparent’s house, he saw a tall dark silhouette near the bucket. The creature had very long arms down by its side. He said it just stood there and stared at him. Scott decided to tell his grandmother and she told him “to let it go”. She was already familiar with what she believed was a Bigfoot and the 5-gallon buckets of leftovers was for the beast.”

Source: WKDQ via Sasysquatch Girl

Watch the interview:

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