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Correspondence Regarding ”Visit to the Annunaki”

Correspondence Regarding ”Visit to the Annunaki”

Note: Following my post ”Visit to the Annunaki of Nibiru”, my friend Don from BC exchanged the few following messages with me and agreed to share them here.


Hello SunBow, I haven’t corresponded for some time and a great many things have taken place not the least of which the completion of the negative attachment healing of a friend in Gray Creek you assisted me with. I will leave the story of the conclusion of that event for another time but I want you to know how grateful I am for your assistance.

I read your account of “Visit to the Annuaki” post with great interest, as the words describing the physical aspects of your experience matched my own, although you seemed much more conscious of the details. Until I read your account I was left to feel that the anomaly on my right was a cist or a type of growth. I would say that I first started to notice this probably six years ago. Since it started it has progressed but is not painful and only restricts the range of motion of my thumb a bit. I have included a picture that I highlighted with a pen to emphasize the tendon-like webs and the pea sized origin in the center of my hand. Now that I look at it looks very much like a picture of an ordinary hand, but I can tell you the webs are very real.

Part of my spiritual practice is to consider events very carefully as I am now aware that few are random. I had arranged a consultation with a doctor in the early days of this condition as I was unsure how much the form would grow and how much it would affect my articulation if left untreated. Less than an hour before I received a call confirming the appointment my hand became very sore in the region in question. I realized it was very likely a sign, but in which direction? Signs often contain a duality which offers us an opportunity to use our intuition of determine the correct path for us. In this case I turned down the appointment and have been living with the anomaly ever since. That was the only time I experienced any pain in that area.

You mentioned an effect on psychic abilities. I would say I have had an increase in that area. I pretty much felt it was due to my development and the fact that the frequency of the planet is on the increase. Other than that, I am contemplating the details of your post with new interest.

I will mention one other event that your writing brought to mind. In a vivid dream I was in a ship or a cave in the shape of a large room. The walls appeared organic rather than manufactured. People were gathered in groups talking. I was talking to a guide that I am familiar with in pleasant conversation. I was aware that you were in this room talking with others and I thought that perhaps I might talk with you later. That didn’t happen and the dream began to fade. A woman seemed to notice and quickly came over and said, “I must apologize because I took up SunBow’s time and you didn’t get a chance to talk to him”. The dream ended. The only reason I mention this is that your description of the room seemed to match and the fact that you were there.

SunBow, I hope you are doing well in this time that is filled with joy and trials for everyone on the planet. Although I haven’t spent more than a few moments with you I have wished that you still lived in the Slocan and I would run into you from time to time in Nelson. At the same time I know we are all carving out our own destiny.

Thank You for Your Service.


Greetings Don, Nice to hear from you. I’m glad you find enlightenment in my post, as I find some in your message. What you are telling me is amazing. I’m very grateful that you share your experience with me, as we all carry a part of the puzzle of the bigger picture and we teach each other in our spiritual evolution for our collective understanding. Six years too. So many similarities and yet unsuspected connections in our stories. Where to start?… 

First, I really like the term anomaly you use, which I should start using from now on instead of implant. Also, your description of ”tendon-like webs and the pea sized origin in the center” correspond exactly to what is in my hand. From your photo, I see that yours is near the same position as mine, except in my case it’s the left hand and one joint down, away from the thumb. For me it branches from the top to the bottom of my palm, but nowhere near the thumb. Like for you, it is painless except maybe in a few rare occasions when I had concerns and worries about it and was psychically rejecting it. 

The synchronicity in your account of the phone call is stunning and the outcome eloquent, as you felt better to avoid the surgery and removal. This made me realize that, although I concur there are good honest doctors out there, I rather beware of modern medicine with the artificial big pharma biochemical and transhumanist industry that controls the profession, narrative and treatments. I understand and support your decision, same as mine, as we don’t know what side effects modern medical procedures can leave without any understanding of the spiritual, psychic, genetic and exo-political elements involved. If my destiny is to be a subject of experiments, I much rather trust highly spiritually evolved interdimensional beings with a dharmic consciousness than materialistic science with a mechanistic approach and a lack of empathy. I can understand a desire to remove an anomaly if it becomes painful or inconvenient, but if it is not, any guess is good as whether removing it or letting it be would be most beneficial. 

The next thing is the ship you visited in your ”dream”. The images and feelings I get from your description remind me of the mother ship where I have been taken on several occasions. In the last forty years or so, I’ve had well over one hundred sightings of spaceships in the physical, with some interactions at times, and I was also taken on different ships of different sizes and appearances with various groups of Star Elders of the Council. But while writing The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, the encounters multiplied and the experiences intensified, as the guidance of the Elders became more fluent. 

In at least half a dozen of occasions that I can remember during that two year period around 2015-2017, I was taken on that same huge, gigantic mother ship, a flying city with inner space ports and flying fleets, powered by ionized plasma which bathes the entire interior in a blue glowing hue, also rejuvenating for cellular tissues and the nervous system, enhancing physical health as well as mental and psychic abilities. I have described some of those journeys in previous writings with the information I was taught, which would be too long to repeat here. That big mother ship I believe is the same one I observed in desert ruins on Hopi land in July 1986 with four other witnesses, as its immense cockpit with thousands of lit windows flew around us twice after ceremonies. 

There is more to say about this topic than I can address in a day. I was shown that this mother ship has many Sasquatch among its crew assigned to watch over humanity and for that reason, many among us contactees and inter-species communicators especially connected to the Sasquatch are connected to that ship and some of us are taught by its passengers, whether down here or up there. 

The last time I remember being taken aboard that mother ship was in September 2017 in Chewelah, just after the second Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat. The Elders were guiding us to write Book 3 and had just started inspiring Kelly to channel a good part of its content. We had seen a huge cloud-ship a couple nights before and had heard strange loud weird metallic sounds in the sky for two nights. One evening, siting outside with Kelly, we felt the Elders calling us up on the mother ship and we left on a conscious astral travel to the ship, where we were taken to different sections and taught independently with respective guidance, so we returned with different teachings and details of the parts of the ship inside. She described this experience in Book 3, so I won’t detail any further on this now. The reason I’m telling this here, is that the woman in your dream feels to me like it’s Kelly, as among the many of our Sasquatch community who are consciously or not connected to that mother ship, she for sure is one who visited it with me and wrote about it in our book. So that would make perfect sense regarding the remark she did about me in your dream. 

The other revelation from your vision is that there were many of us in small groups, so small circles are reconnecting, but we haven’t met all the members of our greater cosmic crew yet. The Star Elders with their wider perspective and long term timeless vision are gathering us in growing circles connecting between them, starting with the souls they can communicate with, to help humanity’s consciousness evolve into the great shift of ages. I’m getting carried away by my enthusiasm for this cosmic disclosure matter but I shall abridge and resume to our limited linear space-time continuum. 

Finally, as my post inspired you to share your experience, which in return widens my perspectives and understanding while revealing deeper details and connections, I’m wondering if you would agree that I share this correspondence on SCENIC. As you know, it can remain anonymous and I would not put the photo, but these signs and messages are given to us for our collective education and many eager to learn could find enlightenment in this information. I’ll wait for your reply on this. 

Life has been blessing me with a new home in Temiscouata since four months, surrounded by Nature and a community of good friends, with plenty of space and quietness to meditate and write. Working on making the best use of the time, space and resources available. 

I hope everything goes for the best for you and wish you all the best blessings…


Bo, It sounds like the reading of my account was as much of an awakening as your account was to me. Even though these events were more obscured to me, I accepted your words as I read them without question of denial or coincidence. The terms I used flowed onto the page even though I had not used them before in thinking about the experiences. Yes please use my account editing it as you see fit. I trust you in that regard. You can refer to me a Don from British Columbia.

Kelly’s voice and words have remained clear without the identity clearing over time as they do with these type of communication. Her nature would be to apologize. Perhaps your confirmation is what I was waiting for. Our brothers have communicated that Kelly is an important person for me several times. In fact the community is being emphasized as a strong group that is forming. I have had dream-time events where I have circulated  in a group where I was able to view their faces closely memorizing them. I asked later who these people were and what returned was, “they are people you haven’t met yet”.

Bo, I cleared a large block that had been with me since childhood last year. The Sasquatch had previously told me, “not everything is in place” and I could feel it without knowing what. Things felt immediately felt better and within a fairly short time the local clan, which I had been working with for a least 2 years, asked me to join the Clan. I accepted with gratitude as I always had a feeling I was missing my tribe and was resigned to being a lone wolf. Over time they have counseled me that it is blessing to experience the lone wolf, not a curse. Indeed I have felt that I have known the answer to questions others ponder, although at times I am stunned at the depth of questions others can express.

I am so grateful for the linking, or bridging to use the now common term, of these events as I’m sure the next steps will be presented now.

Thank you so much for your post.

Blessings on your journey

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