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Experiencer’s account, by Carol Hansen, from Kentucky

Experiencer’s account, by Carol Hansen, from Kentucky:

Once I found a huge foot print in my front yard but it had a juvenile print also like a child. Well I decided I was gonna cast for the first time but before it dried they came back and ran a stick through it and messed it up and left the stick in it. I instantly got the message as: no don’t do that. So I don’t cast I just take pictures. Plus it was a way of letting me know they were protecting their young. 

Photo: Carol Hansen

Another story was when my sasquatch that was connecting to me actually took me to my mamaws house used young bison in the dream they were chasing me around a tree Littito swooped me up we were flying backwards I could not see his face his big hand had me around my whole side he tapped me on the hip gently and said your ok swooped me back to the porch of the house I turned around he was gone . I ran inside to tell my daughter what happened there was this random lady on the couch going through a box of teeth sasquatch teeth? I laughed I said your waisting your time ,they are real and you won’t find one unless they want you too. I walked back outside on the porch after talking to my daughter and there were square blocks of ice on each step all the way down and all around the patio each block had a huge orchid in it a flower I’ve never seen before each one was different. It was a gift.

I only see a glimpse of see through ships in my photos but I was blessed to see a sasquatch in my flashlight spotted and I watched it dematerialize in front of my eyes as it was walking away it was amazing.

My husband was given this beautiful dream we had a dying sasquatch in our yard he went out to help he or she died and my husband began to pray and the big guy came and knelt down and put his hand on his shoulder and prayed with him then took him to the funeral and burial it made me cry.

My husband pulled up outside from going to the grocery store ,I was sitting outside on the bench playing on fb. He got out and began to unload the vehicle he asked me if I could help I laughed I said I think you can handle it ,As soon as I finished that last word I got hit in the thigh with a pebble from the woods next to my house with a thought planted in my head that I instantly knew I did not put there myself It said go help. I jumped right up and went to go help. Mind you all these experiences happened before the Sasquatch ever connected me to any of the community. 

I came home from work it was about 11:30 at night I fixed myself a bowl of cereal and sat in my recliner I went to take first bite and something growled behind my chair and again had a thought planted feed the animals before you feed yourself. 

I had just moved into this house in 2013 me and my lab and a sectional is all we had,   moved in so and no tv yet. It was late and we sat on the couch that night and the window behind me there was three distinct big growls but what was weird my dog didn’t hear them …. Then a week or so later same thing setting on couch this enormous tree knock outside the house and he sounded angry I actually thought the tree had broke ,this tree is thick can’t get my arms around it and it’s less than twenty feet from the front porch. That one I did not move I froze.

I had seen a rare looking bird the first year I moved to this house ,it had an orange large bill but it was all white, I figured it was some pet that got loose. Well I went and invested into some binoculars, and then one day ran across this dark spot in the woods up in the trees . I kept looking at it and it’s face got clear his head was over half of the width of my 50 inch tv, no hair on the face and he was a charcoal colored skin, it was like he was looking right into my eye I said no way out loud and he moved and tried to morph into the tree and blurred himself. Mind you I was inside my house looking through the storm glass, my first instinct is scared then after I’m scared I get pissed. I had just let my dog out, I beat on the glass and screamed at him to get the f away from my house.

Well as I sling the door open and yell at my dog to get in the house This dude came down the tree silent never heard that part what I did heard is his foot steps in the leaves he stomped so loud he was pissed it sounded like it was on a PA system in the valley.

I shut my door, this was about 8:30 pm still daylight. I wondered about this for a couple of weeks then I just started talking to god I said if this is my path I’m ok, then I forgave everyone who ever hurt me and asked God to forgive me then about two weeks later he opened my eyes. Now I can see others around me and other things like writings and numbers and they communicate with me on questions I have. It definitely has been a wild ride these last 9 years. 

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