Why has no one found a dead Sasquatch?

Note: The following article addresses the question often raised about the absence of Sasquatch remains to definitely ”prove” their existence. The author’s approach is from a very rational down-to-earth point of view, which should not shy away the ”flesh only” club. No allusion to the paranormal woo wide of reality, which can of course also provide explanations to the mysteries for those who consider these aspects, whether only by suggesting that the Sasquatch are intelligent enough to bury their dead. But from a very, let’s say, a very intellectual reasoning and scientific approach, the author explains below why no body have been found yet, or at least that’s what we are taught to believe. Deeper research reveals that five thousand years of recorded history has documented many cases in which Hairy Humanoids were captured or killed and bodies studied, up into modern times. The simple answer why we don’t know of any corpses is the cover up. What we can be sure of is that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence…

Why has no one found a dead Bigfoot? by MonkeMan

Source: The Humanoid Experience

I often see a claim among skeptics that if Bigfoot did exist then, we’d have run into a carcass by now. Which sounds reasonable on its face but, in reality, is a naive and ignorant claim. I’m what you’d call an “outdoorsman.” More so when I was in my teens, of course, I mean we all find out what the internet is eventually, but my point is during all my little excursions out into the woods, I never, and I mean never, came across the bones of apex predators like cougars or bears. It’s not just me either, you can ask any outdoorsman, and they’ll tell you how often they come across the bones of Apex predators, not often at all, if ever. 

Now there is a simple reason for this. The farther up the food chain you go, the less energy is available because energy is lost as it is consumed. For every pound of deer, you need 10 pounds of grass to sustain it, and for every pound of bear, you need 10 pounds of deer to sustain it. Obviously, it’s a little bit more complex than that, but you get the picture. Moreover, predators usually don’t like the company of other ones, and they need large areas of territory to hunt. There simply aren’t enough resources to support many large predators in a finite area, whereas prey animals have large amounts of food to support suitably larger populations.

Now let’s think about this for a minute; if there are supposedly around 700,000 black bears in total in North America and the majority of people rarely, if ever, come across the remains of them, then imagine how difficult it would be if the population were only a few thousand? Now we don’t really know how common it actually is; anecdotes don’t serve well as hard scientific evidence. Furthermore, you can actually find live black bears in some places if you know what you’re looking for, but bears don’t necessarily avoid being found. Bigfoot may avoid human contact at all costs, especially if it knows what we’re capable of.

One of the shitty things about not believing in Bigfoot is that you have to believe instead that every single sighting and footprint is either fake or a misidentification. This is a heavy burden to bear (pun painfully intended) considering the thousands of anecdotes that exist, and that’s not counting all the sightings that we may not even know about. If people report a sighting, or even know what the hell they’re looking at to report (misidentification is often not considered in the opposite direction) only 30% of the time, then there could be over 30,000 actual sightings, and if there is a Bigfoot that would mean that most of those sightings were real implying that she is not that rare at all, at least as rare as some may think.

I’d imagine that Bigfoot is a primate, and assuming that is the case, then we’d expect her to have the same or similar neural architecture as other primates do, and as a result, she should be highly intelligent, at least compared to other animals.  We don’t really know the extent of Bigfoot’s behavioral complexity; I’ll delve more into that subject in another post. Still, Bigfoot may bury their dead, live in cave systems, and keep a lookout from high points in an attempt to preserve their solitude. If this species exists, it may very well be the second most intelligent animal on the planet.

There is also the whole debate over Homo Naledi and whether it buried its dead or not The point is, we still aren’t entirely sure what level of neural complexity is required to express some of the behaviors we usually associate with humans. Even now, scientists are still debating on the extent of animal consciousness and intelligence. We are only just now realizing that some of the behaviors we thought were exclusive to humans aren’t at all, and even extremely “simple” organisms are capable of them.

In my opinion, the absence of Bigfoot remains can be explained by other factors other than it simply not existing, but I am an optimistic person. And as much as people would like to think the opposite, there is still much land, especially in Alaska and Canada, virtually untouched by man. Some areas probably haven’t seen any human contact for over a hundred years. So you can’t just easily write this all off as a giant hoax just because “we would have found one by now.” Of course, no evidence is still no evidence, but maybe that’ll change someday. For now, we have to stick with extrapolation from what little evidence and logic do exist…

Art: Shirley McDaniel

6 thoughts on “Why has no one found a dead Sasquatch?”

  1. Because they are a paranormal being. That is why some hunters have ‘shot’ one and when look, there is no body – it has just disappeared. I interact with them all the time and see them in their main paranormal form – a type of transparant ‘wobbly’ air shape.

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  2. We see birds flying around us all the time in city streets but how often do you find a dead one when we walk about? Very rarely, And usually, the dead birds we do see are mostly killed by accidents or from cats or flying into windows or cars etc and not of natural causes. So why would we expect to find remains of a creature as secretive & elusive as a Sasquatch?

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  3. Very good points made but these points have been made before and it comes down to either you believe or you don’t!! I believe but I am in the minority. I don’t believe we will find a body because I think they go off into hiding when they are dying. A lion doesn’t stay with the family when he is dying and neither do other animals.

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