The Mount St. Helens Bigfoot Cover Up

The Mount St. Helens Bigfoot Cover Up:

This is the incredible story from separate eyewitnesses of an apparent rescue operation of multiple sasquatches from their lairs on and around Washington State’s Mount St. Helens in 1980, after the deadliest, most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States.

These highly detailed testimonies were taken from unrelated soldiers who were deployed to guard these rescue operations and were published by the Strange But True! YouTube channel, which collects “100% TRUE paranormal Stories”.

Text above quoted from Alexandra Bruce on Forbidden Knowledge

Watch the video:

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization received the following eyewitness account:

Victims Evacuating Eruption Have Close Encounter With Sasquatch Fleeing As Well:

My older brother lived in the Mount St. Helens area very close to the volcano. Years back when the volcano erupted my brother and his family had to evacuate in the middle of it all. There was smoke everywhere and as they were driving quickly down the mountain my brother saw a Bigfoot run down from the side of mountain and almost run into the back of his car. 

 The Bigfoot stopped in the center divide and cars were beeping there horns at it as the drove by. Then my brother and his wife and kids watched it as my brother stopped his car. They witnessed the Bigfoot which stood there confused making screaming sound and take off like a full speed locomotive. And in 5 seconds it had disappeared. 

 There’s more. When the local residents and my brother later in time returned to there homes and things settled down, my brother and other residents all got to talking and my brother said there was at least 100 sightings during that time from the locals. The Bigfoot when running across the main road up there was smart enough to run downhill away from the eruption.

My brother has been saying for years now that so many people saw them that week and he heard from someone that it was the most sightings to those few day ever. Meaning so many people in a small town all at once.

Art: Travis Chapman

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