Almost 5000 views in one day on SCENIC

Almost 5000 views in one day on SCENIC:

Dear SCENIC readers, again we have more good news to rejoice about. We just reached our record audience in one day on April 3rd, with nearly 5000 views and over 3600 visitors. After celebrating our 4th Anniversary a month ago and our 300,000th view on March 30th, we are grateful to our readers and supporters for helping SCENIC grow.

SCENIC stats for April 3rd 2022

We pledge to continue our work and keep sharing relevant information related to disclosure of all different aspects of the Hairy Humanoids phenomenon. Our work makes ripples and creates reactions that are not all friendly and positive, but in spite of the obstacles and opposition, we are confident that with the support of our allies we will succeed in spreading far and wide the knowledge we have gathered so far.

If you can, we encourage you to rate and like our posts, share in your networks and join our 3835 subscribers to receive updates. Submit your Sasquatch experiences and related material for publishing on our blog. Purchase our books for more detailed info. Donate.

Many thanks and infinite blessings to all our relations…

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