Happy 4th Anniversary to SCENIC

Happy 4th Anniversary to SCENIC !!!

We are happy to celebrate a 4th completed year of networking with the Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Inter-species Communication, also known as SCENIC. It was at the start of March 2018 that the SCENIC website began publishing articles with information, stories, documented research, links, videos and photos, to contribute to the disclosure about the Hairy Humanoids and other related beings and phenomena.

Four years later, we have produced 760 informative posts made available for our readers to browse from our archives, representing a rich data bank and a vast encyclopedic source of knowledge on various aspects regarding the Hairy Humanoids, better known as Sasquatch. Among this content, 278 posts are accounts of first hand experiences submitted by our readers. Another 200 posts concern SCENIC updates, including my journeys, interviews and events. An additional 166 posts confer messages of wisdom and guidance from various channels. The two other categories offering each around 130 posts address respectively cultural knowledge either Indigenous legends or folk stories, and scientific research with discoveries and advances in the field of disclosure.

Each category of posts can be accessed directly in the main menu (blue header). We thank our readers for their continued interest and support and encourage all to browse our site. Search can be done by entering key words in the ”Search this site” box on the right hand side of the blog, or by dates through the ”Archives” box under it.

We thank all our friends who have sent some kind reviews and encouraging comments that we are glad to share for all our readers in the Testimonials section.

We would like to remind our readers that disclosure is a collective effort and happens more powerfully through the words of many. You are always welcome to SUBMIT your own accounts and share your Sasquatch experience with the public via SCENIC. Together this way we make the spread of this knowledge progress, blessing the world with truth. Hence, contributions from our readers who enjoy this community are truly appreciated.

We also encourage and thank all our audience to click the like button under our posts, rate with stars under the title, reblog, retweet and share in your social networks, to help our visibility in the algorithms. So far, we have relied exclusively on organic growth for lack of a budget to invest in SEM or SEO promotion, as commercial websites often do, in spite of dozens of offers for deals we keep receiving. Our visibility and outreach depend essentially on our networking and promotional efforts, with the help of our audience, which can make a noticeable and valuable difference. I also accept some requests for interviews among many I receive, if there is a receptive audience and a good energy.

As far as stats go, this last year saw less activity and traffic on SCENIC and a slight drop in attendance, with roughly 60,000 views by about 28,000 visitors, as compared to 80,000 views by over 30,000 visitors the two previous years. This could be due to the fact that we posted less and had less activity to report, with no travels or major events and less research on the grounds, as the world itself is trying to keep up with its own course. We also received less submitted stories to publish, but more personal consultations for advice and counseling, generally offered freely although donations are accepted.

However, we are reaching 280,000 views, with 3737 followers. Our posts are automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and they can be shared in a list of social medias with the share buttons under each post. In 2022, we will continue with this disclosure work, sharing information at large as it comes, as time and availability permit. We also count on the SCENIC community to help us keep this site alive and interesting.

I reply to messages (except advertisements) and answer questions, although I often refer to articles on this SCENIC website or to my books, where most commonly asked questions are already answered in details. Links to my books are on the Home page.

If any wonder, this is SunBôw. I sometimes talk as ”we” as we are never alone and I work with many individuals, teams and communities among humans and non-humans, so at times I express a collective will. Yet, each one plays their own unique part in the circle.

We hope our work through SCENIC is beneficial and enjoyed by many and that the information presented therein is useful for your personal journeys.

Donations are always welcome and appreciated via Paypal or via CC on the Home page. For e-transfer or other ways, please contact me personally.

Best blessings to all our relatives of our greater Cosmic Family.

May Healing, Peace, Love and Light prevail on Mother Earth. We are all relatives…

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