The essential role of Prime Directive in understanding the alien phenomenon

The essential role of Prime Directive in understanding the alien phenomenon:

by Cyberthal  4 DAYS AGO (2022-04-11)

Note by SunBôw: In this text sent to me by the author to post here, Cyberthal brilliantly summarizes the essential of the information presented in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series, with various confirmations from other sources.

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Table of Contents

  1. Basic background
    1. Unseen World
    2. Prime Directive
    3. Star Elder Council vs lower lords
    4. Earth’s Six Star Nations
  2. How Eisenhower sold America to the Grays
    1. Ant People
    2. Treaty of Greada
  3. Anunnaki intervention between cataclysms
  4. Sasquatch hunt, PD loophole

Basic background

First, some basic background:

Unseen World

It turns out that roughly 68% of the universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up about 27%. The rest – everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter – adds up to less than 5% of the universe.

The Unseen World contains many realms overlapping with our own. The inhabitants of these realms mostly leave humans alone. Why? The Prime Directive:

Prime Directive

As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Starfleet personnel may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Starfleet personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ship, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation.
— Prime Directive | Star Trek | Wikipedia

Fiction often mirrors fact, especially when it receives external inspiration.

Star Elder Council vs lower lords

The Council of Star Elders guides the evolution of Consciousness in our galaxy, through peaceful interspecies relations. Opposed to them are the Fallen:

Among them are the ones we refer to as the lower lords. They were Star Elders who had reached immortality, but decided to regress into egotistic consciousness to impose control and possess power. They are also known as Elioud, the cast out gods, fallen angels, demon lords, devils and dark masters. Their high level of scientific and spiritual understanding provided them with immense psychic powers.
— Eldest Elder Sasquatch Kamooh, chief Earth guardian

The lower lords control 1/3 of the planets in our galaxy. Their war in our solar system caused the destruction of Maldek, now the asteroid belt, and the death of Mars.

Humans were created angelic by the Council, but have fallen, devolved, and been altered and controlled by the lower lords. Yet this domination is not yet complete.

The Council could easily remove the lower lords from Earth’s surface, if humans did not consent to their influence.

Earth’s Six Star Nations

Earth has birthed several prior sapient species, created by the Council:

  1. The elementals/aquatics: cetaceans, manatees, octopi, merfolk; elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Wind
  2. Ant People: Geneticists and burrowers. Now Skinnybob on the Moon.
  3. Lizard People: Repterrans. Compsognathus had thumbs; skeleton is assembled wrong. See Lacerta Files.
  4. Bird People: Angels and Fallen Annunaki on Nibiru. Humanoids with ethereal wings. Made for Earth’s nuclear winter after the dinosaurs, when the atmosphere was thick with dust.
  5. Lemur People (Sasquatch): From a now-extinct Giant Lemur, with some bear admixture. Non-technological. Limited vocalization. Shapeshifter. Nature warden. Infantry with zero support needs.
  6. Ape People (Humans)

How Eisenhower sold America to the Grays

Ant People

The Ant People are expert geneticists and burrowers, who built the pyramids. In their long history, they suffered many wars and near extinctions at the hands of the Reptilian lower lords. They were forced out of the lithosphere and retreated to their Moon, an hollow artificial satellite.

Some signs the Moon is artificial:

  • perfect corona during solar eclipses
  • tidal lock
  • anomalous size redirects asteroids away from earth
  • anomalously low density
  • radius ratios: Earth:Moon 3.66 ~ 365 days in a year. (Sun:Earth 108Turtle shell = 13 month calendar.)
  • huge craters with very shallow depth.

The Moon has a silica dust surface to collect Helium 3 from the Sun, for fuel. Beneath is armor, cushioned by shock absorbers to survive nuclear and tectonic strikes. They proved necessary.

The Ant People never developed interstellar travel, and are now submitted to the insectoid faction of the lower lords, led by the ET Mantises. The Ant People changed their form to synthetic cyborgs resistant to all the weapons of mass destruction used against them. They look like the famous small grays of Roswell:

You may be surprised to see a biped instead of a large Ant. I don’t know what the Ant People or their queens originally looked like, but this is their commonly-observed form now. A bipedal form with hands is a common galactic template of convergent evolution. Other anatomical notes:

  • Huge head. Insects don’t pass through birth canals, so may as well have more brains.
  • Short. Good for mining and space.
  • Black nictating lens, good for space (sunglasses).
  • Vestigial mouth. Non-vocal; uses telepathy. Probably absorbs nutrients via a bath.
  • Huge eyes, common insectoid trait.
  • Long legs for speed.
  • Long fingers for surgical precision
  • No hair.

They have very little individuality and soul left, but are perfectly diligent workers and incredibly hardy, as the crash survivors demonstrate.

Treaty of Greada

The Ant People mostly ignored humans until the 1950s. We would sometimes see their UFOs flying between their underground or underwater bases and the Moon.

After WW2, using technology provided by the lower lords, the US government began shooting down Ant People UFOs with powerful gigawave death rays. These rays popped the warp bubble that UFOs use for antigravity propulsion. Without flight surfaces, the Ant People UFOs dropped like a stone. You can see the lethal results in the videos at the site above.

The Ant People appealed for help to their superiors the Tall Grays. Eisenhower met with two Star Nations. The first were the Nordics, humans from a prior Age of Man who retained their advanced civilization through the cataclysm. They dwell underground, in Antarctica, and have colonies in our solar system. The Nordics offered to protect and sponsor the USA in exchange for nuclear disarmament, since nukes threaten Earth’s entire biosphere. The USA refused.

Then the Grays sent fleets of UFOs in mass overflights of US cities and Washington DC, intimidating the US military and proving our powerlessness. The USA signed the Treaty of Gray Agenda or Greada to halt the overflights and keep the alien threat a secret. In exchange for technology transfers, the USA allowed limited abduction of humans and cattle. Similar deals were signed with Russia and eventually China, creating an arms race.

However, the lower lords ignored the humanitarian limitations of the treaty. They only needed human consent to bypass the Prime Directive. Abductees were subjected to torture, hybridization and implantation to further human subjugation and assimilation. Some abductees have recovered their erased memories of these experiences.

It is ironic that the USA signed a treaty so similar to the infamous sale of Manhattan Island for glass beads and trinkets, only 300 years later!

As you can see from this example, the Prime Directive plays a huge role in explaining human-alien relations.

Anunnaki intervention between cataclysms

Now you are prepared to understand the relationship of the Annunaki to humanity. The Star Elder Council banished them from Earth to Nibiru. However, they can still influence humanity with our consent.

The Annunaki are primarily interested in Earth for its gold. As cyborgs, they have a physiological need for gold. Monoatomic gold is highly magnetic and enhances their psychic powers. The atmosphere of Nibiru is seeded with gold, as part of its shield that allows it to remain temperate despite highly variable solar radiation on its long irregular orbit.

Earth has a plentiful and readily-accessible supply of gold, by galactic standards. Much easier than mining it from the deadly asteroid belt, for example. The Annunaki are birds and hate mining, anyway.

Not that they look like birds. They appear as blue giants, like this:

They sound like this.

So instead of mining, the Anunnaki just visit Earth before one of Her regular cataclysms. This does not violate the Prime Directive, since human civilization is about to collapse anyway!

The Anunnaki select an elite group of humans and strike a deal: Mine gold for us, and you can rule the next cycle. This elite is given power, information and hybrid DNA. They hide underground until the cataclysm passes. Then they emerge and rebuild civilization.

How many times has this happened? There have been five Ages of Man on Earth; December 21 2012 marked the beginning of the 6th.

Our stellar cluster is passing through some turbulent space weather, as recent megaflares attest, and Earth will likely be hit, destroying our electrical grid and causing the collapse of the infrastructure necessary to sustain 7 billion humans.

Who are some of Earth’s current ruling bloodlines? Rockefeller, Morgan, ?Harkness, Vanderbilts, Whitneys, Duponts, McCormicks, Fishers, Guggenheim, Fields, Duke, Lehmans, Rothschild… there are also Illuminati bloodlines in Iran, Russia, China and Japan.

This is why gold always has been and always will be money on Earth.

It would be a mistake to think that these Illuminati control everything. Humanity has grown too populous, too rich, too connected via the Internet. Their last bastions of control are central banking and mainstream media. New blood threatens old families.

A great galactic drama plays out as humanity enters our 6th Age. Few of the players are wholly good or entirely evil. All of them have an agenda.

Here are some hybrids with Reptilian and/or Avian DNA. They have a distinct predatory look that we’ve come to accept as normal human variation. They are often given lucrative privileged economic information about upcoming trends and opportunities:

I suspect Iran’s Ahmedinejad always wears a jacket to hide some non-human markings.

Sasquatch hunt, PD loophole

Humanity is a species with amnesia. We have lost our powers and forgotten our history. No Star Nation can tell us what we’ve forgotten, without breaking the Prime Directive.

However, there is another loophole: proximity. The more distant a Star Nation, either in dimensions or light years, the more permission it requires to intervene.

But Sasquatch is our Elder Brother. He has been with us on Earth since the beginning, and even before, when we were on Maldek and Mars.

So as long as he’s still on Earth’s surface, he can tell us everything. This is not easy, because few humans remain who are telepathically receptive shamans. But Sunbow Truebrother, a French-Canadian with Native American and Sasquatch blood, managed the feat. (Kelly Lapseritis was first, but Sunbow channeled most of the crucial Sasquatch Message to Humanity books.)

The lower lords desperately do not want humanity to reconnect with our history and recover our powers. Humanity was designed as an answer to their threat, as angelic humans beyond all constraints. We have been bound in ways we cannot even understand, cut up into timeline fragments.

This is why the lower lords created the Aryan people after the fall of Atlantis, a more rational and technological, less shamanistic humanity. Their purpose was to wipe out the indigenous peoples who carried knowledge and connection to the Star Elders. This has been largely successful, as the colonizations of North and South America and Australia attest.

Sasquatch has been hunted along with these indigenous peoples, an ethnic cleansing. As a result, Sasquatch reproduces as little as possible on the surface. He holds a few redoubts yet in the North American wilderness, but these grow unsure. The recent wildfires were an attack using HAARP-like weapons.

I say this not to ignite old feuds. The lower lords employ a strategy of divide and conquer to subjugate humanity. We must overcome our differences, or be subjugated to AI mind control via transhumanist nanites, implants and hybridization. The lower lords are experienced in planetary subjugation; it is only new to us. If they transform Earth into an uninhabitable hell, that just means more traumatized dark souls for their legions.

Art: Ben McGuire

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