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Experiencer’s advice, by Lucky Lowe

Experiencer’s advice, by Lucky Lowe:

I can tell you this about bigfoot: he is not a monster, a it, or an animal. He is a being… within creation, as we are all beings within creation. He has feelings, as we all have feelings. Yes there are some very bad bigfoots, just as there are some very bad humans.

The good bigfoots, are very gentle, caring and loving. Review the stories, where they have helped people. I have had contact with them, for some 25 years now. They are always welcome, to visit with me. I can tell you this, they have many powers. They can move from their spirit world, into our physical world at their will. They have families, and love for there family. You do not have to go, into the woods, to find bigfoot. If you have a good hart and desire to be friends with one, he will come to you, if he wants to.

It will take several years to build a trust with him. Make an offering and talk to bigfoot, even that he does not talk back to you. Your first contact, will likely be in dreams. Your next contact may be smelling him, yes it is a awful smell, that is one of there games. Next likely will be, he will touch you at night, while you are awake or sleeping, pull on your toe, pull the cover down, tap his finger on your leg. These are all good signs.

If you are not scared, you have a chance, to make a friend with him. Talk to him. Make an offering to him, a couple or three times a month. Likely your first time to hear his voice or see him, will be when he takes you out of body… He can do that. Your out of body with him will be quick, likely 3 or 4 seconds, he is only testing you.

Never ask a bigfoot what is his name. For them, giving their name is a very special thing. He will give it in time, but do not ask for it. The first question I asked my bigfoot friend was: ”how old are you?”. He told me no age, but said in a deep big voice ”OLD”. He had taken me out of body, and he and I, were standing in my yard. They can take you, from the physical world, into the spirit world. They can open, and close your third eye also.

Never treat or speak badly, of any sprit world being. They can be a great friend, or mess you up badly. Spirits are like the humans, as there are good ones, and there are bad ones…

Art: Maki Hill

6 thoughts on “Experiencer’s advice, by Lucky Lowe”

  1. I would like to offer anyone with first hand knowledge of Bigfoot/Sasquatch to share what they know on a podcast. So many of us are very interested in learning about these beings. I strongly believe the best way to do this is to listen closely to those that experience them. We are believers and have had a few experiences ourselves so this is a serious offer. Not looking to mock or poke fun at anyone. Our website is unscryptidpodcast.com

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    1. Greetings, this is SunBôw who manages this website. I have given dozens of interviews on these topics, many of which are posted on this site. I’m open to a booking with you. Write to me in private for details, through the ”contact” button. Thanks…


  2. Found this very interesting. Especially what you have said about “first contact being in dreams.” I have what seem to be almost “astral traveling” dreams and have had them since I was a kid. Very vivid dreams in which weird things happen or I experience weird phenomena. I had a dream I was in a forest, on a borderland, kind of in our world but near a place that was a portal to another dimension. My girlfriend, I think, was there…or at least someone was with me. There was a scared country guy in a white RV that for some reason seemed to be parked right there in the middle of the woods. He was scared because there were sasquatches around. I remember not being afraid at all. And when the guy threatened to shoot them, I yelled at him “you will not!” And then I told the girl or person I was with that we needed to protect the sasquatches. Soon after, about 5 or 6 came out of the woods, and some of them were even wearing clothes. Some were hurt and we started to help them. They told us they were having a battle “over there” with some “middikins” (???–I have no idea–my dreams are so weird, but I remember it clearly, or as clear as it came to me). Some were wearing clothes. Believe it or not. One young man came and sat on the ground in front of me where I was sitting on a picnic table seat (facing outward). He was wearing beanies (like it was cold where they had come from) and I mean, multiple beanies! He called me ‘little sister” (I’m 56) and said his head itched. I began taking off his beanies…he had so many on! The last one was wool and I told him “That’s why your head itches, wool is itchy material, so don’t wear this one first.” He must have understood. I don’t remember much of the dream after that but dang I woke up thinking “there’s another odd dream I’ve had!” First one with sasquatches, though. I would like to meet one someday, but I have a lot of work to do on myself first.

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    1. Greetings Maria Kelly. Thank you for sharing your interesting and meaningful dream with our readers. Indeed, contacts often start in dreams and visions, to help us get familiarized with their energies. Nothing happens randomly, so when you pay attention to the messages they send, they might keep sending more. Best blessings on your quest…


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