Letter to all Sasquatch enthusiasts, seekers and experiencers, by SunBôw

Letter to all Sasquatch enthusiasts, seekers and experiencers, by SunBôw:

Greetings to the audience,

First, I would like to thank and congratulate all of you Sasquatch lovers, who are involved in research and contribute to the disclosure of otherwise censored information, too often tabooed and ridiculed by the general public, largely because of denialism, the cover up of evidence and the intentionally misleading disinformation circulating widely. Special thanks to the experiencers who come out of the shadow and break the silence, for delivering your accounts and for your courage in revealing the truth about non-human intelligence learned through your direct contacts.

Being intensively involved in disclosure myself, several friends have suggested that I write to you to share my story. So just to introduce myself, I am better known by my author’s name: SunBôw TrueBrother. I authored four books on Sasquatch, I give conferences and interviews, have a website with over 800 informative posts, manage pages, groups and participate on dozens more on various social medias, disclosing info on these topics. My experience with Sasquatch goes back four decades.

My first close encounter with Sasquatch was over forty years ago and since then, there has been too many to count, as well as other paranormal phenomena like UFOs. Right away, this might raise eyebrows, we may hear chuckles from those who don’t believe this to be possible because they don’t have this kind of experiences themselves. Nonetheless, these life-changing encounters are undeniably real and highly significant for all first hand experiencers who know well what they saw, heard and felt. In the UFO community, the experiencers are often called contactees, which means the same in this text.

So far, I have met over five hundred experiencers of encounters with Sasquatch or other humanoids. Experiencers can share more easily among themselves or within safe circles where they are respected. It is far from being limited to isolated cases of marginal people, it happens much more frequently than most think and even increasingly. There are experiencers in all walks of life and from all backgrounds.

Experiencers are the best sources of information about non-human intelligent humanoids of which mainstream academia has no knowledge or officially pretends it doesn’t. Yet, they often remain silent or discreet about what they know, due to the denial, bullying, even attacks and threats they often receive, as if there was a concerted opposition to the release of such information that can change our paradigm. It seems like some groups or institutions are definitely opposed to the disclosure and release of such information from first hand experiencers, trying to ignore, ridicule, insult or discredit these informers.

Direct experience is the best teacher on any subject, followed by accounts of first hand experiencers. Some would argue that such experiences are impossible and the accounts are fabricated or delusional. This is understandable if they have not had similar experiences themselves to corroborate the accounts. We must admit that certain stories might be made up or are cases of misidentification and pareidolia.

However, among the tens of thousands of witnesses accounts, some are for sure real no matter how surreal they might sound, as there is nothing to gain from sharing such experiences publicly, most often met with disbelief, ridicule, fear or hostilities. Systematic and stubborn denial of a phenomenon out of ignorance or of lack of understanding about it, does not make it untrue, nor disappear out of existence.

For being too often met with denialism, ridicule and attacks from uninformed, inexperienced onlookers, many witnesses remain silent and keep their experiences secret, while they are in fact the best sources of knowledge on those phenomena, having observed them directly, as opposed to armchair ”experts” watching pictures on a screen, trying to judge between true and fake, based on mere beliefs, wild speculations, random opinions, popular theories or educated guesses at best. Their best arguments are often limited to sarcasm or insults, but they have no real experience themselves, nor anything to teach.

Regardless of opinions, no one knows the experience better than the experiencers, and nobody can take their experience and its details away from them, even with all the denials and arguments of the world. So an experiencer is usually a knower, because an encounter brings knowledge about the unknown.

Now, this is the age of information and communication, and in spite of the censorship and opposition, time for disclosure has come for those who are open minded enough and ready to hear from those who have learned from direct experience. In my case, I must say that I have been on a shamanic path in the last four decades and learned with many great spiritual Elders and medicine people of various tribes. This training and practice prepared me in developing my psychic abilities, learning to interact with the supernatural, including non-human intelligence. This introduction on my background is just to put into context my experience and knowledge of Sasquatch, speaking from the perspective of an experiencer.

It would be too long to list and detail here my multiple encounters and interactions with the Sasquatch and other non-human intelligence over the years. I have already described several in my books, articles, speeches and interviews. The disclosure of this kind of information has become a life path and a full time mission for me. Here, I will rather address the types and levels of inter-species relations. Thus, this open letter is addressed to all Sasquatch curious, enthusiasts and researchers interested in making contact. There are ways that have proven to be successful, others that have been highly unsuccessful.

First, there are many kinds of reactions people have towards Sasquatch, starting with these two main categories: the believers and the disbelievers. We could say there is a third group gravitating between these two without being part of any, made of the skeptics, who are not sure what to believe. Among the majority of disbelievers, some are simply uninterested or think it’s a myth like Santa Claus. According to some survey, over one third of the population in the Pacific North West believes in the existence of Sasquatch, as the phenomenon is very present, well documented and part of the local folklore up there. This number drops elsewhere and we could guesstimate it to be about a half of that on the east coast.

So all the Bigfoot believers from the entire spectrum of beliefs still add up only to a minority of people. Among this so-called Bigfoot world there is a wide range of different, often opposed theories or beliefs. One main criteria separates them in two groups: first, the ”flesh-and-blood-only” club, claiming that science is only concerned with physical evidence and that paranormal phenomena don’t exist. Although this approach constitutes the mainstream of the Bigfootery literature, whether or not it still gathers the majority of Sasquatch enthusiasts is now highly questionable, as mentalities evolve. They are usually fiercely opposed to the other group they call ”woo woo”, those who study Sasquatch as a non-human intelligence and take into consideration the countless reports of paranormal activities surrounding them.

Within the flesh-and-blood clan, there is also internal division between the kill and non-kill approaches. Some purport that Sasquatch is just a big ape, an unknown primate or some other monster beast we must hunt down to kill specimens and finally prove their existence to science. Others believe that the Sasquatch are intelligent people and sentient beings, and that killing them is a wrong, violent approach, to learn about them. Even among those who think they are animals, the kill approach is losing ground. Its supporters are usually motivated by a thirst for wealth and fame, or in some cases simply out of fear or hatred for beings the hunters know nothing about; but this hunt has proven quite unsuccessful so far. The word ”cryptid” seems to be often confused with ”creepy”, but it just means hidden. The fear of the unknown is an instinctive reflex of protection, but also the main obstacle to discover and learn more.

Beyond the cryptozoology line, there are those who believe that Sasquatch could be a relict hominin, possibly related to us modern humans, so he must be more primitive than us or the missing link of our genealogical tree that we came down from. This anthropological theoretical rhetoric from a Darwinian perspective attempts to classify Sasquatch within the frame of our academic doctrine, to make it plausible or reasonable for our rational mind to accept. These researchers promoting a scientific method tend to support a more peaceful, humane approach through observation, documentation or habituation.

Yet, they found their knowledge on theories and speculations in a continuous search for hard forensic evidence and physical proof, rather than on what the experiencers describe in their direct encounters. Among them, pieces of physical evidence like DNA samples, footprint castings, images or audio recordings are constantly debated and argued between rival clans or factions. They generally are still part of the ”flesh-and-blood-only” club and despise any ”woo” explanations, but their decades of studies has not revealed so much about Sasquatch, nor can they explain the related paranormal phenomena.

Let us just examine for instance, the team of researchers with infrared game camera and sophisticated sound equipment, as we often see in documentaries and TV shows or in so-called ”expert” Bigfootery. They go out to where activity has been reported, track and stalk Sasquatch, knock on trees, howler around or play obscure alleged recordings out loud, some even set baits, lures and traps to trick them. What do they get? A couple knocks back? A branch cracking? A growl or a hoot? A possible footprint for a cast if lucky? But is this the wisest way to engage communication with a non-human intelligence?

Imagine if a bunch of noisy strangers, nosy stalkers and paparazzi come chasing you in your backyard. Would you go out and invite them in to give them a tour and an interview, as your private fan club? Most would likely grunt away if not growl at the intruders, and legitimately. Even more so if they came around with guns; would we be blamed for throwing a rock or a log their way to defend our homes? Then we shouldn’t be surprised if Sasquatch does it, but it usually doesn’t hurt, it is just meant to warn. Most cases when objects are thrown concern hunters or posses, even sometimes hunting for Sasquatch.

Beyond the limitations of the ”flesh-and-blood” paradigm, there are those who feel that there is much more to the Sasquatch phenomenon than just an unknown species of elusive cryptid living in the wild. Here, we get closer to the ancestral knowledge of Indigenous cultures from around the world who have had generations, if not millennia of interactions with Hairy Humanoids and carry many legends and stories. In all those ancient tribal accounts we find a common trend describing the wild hairy people as magical, supernatural beings. Countless witnesses accounts recorded since centuries and increasingly in modern times mention numerous psychic or paranormal phenomena surrounding the Hairy Humanoids.

Those who experience or investigate the paranormal side of existence are pejoratively called ”woo” by the ”flesh-only” club, caught by choice in a restricted materialist mind frame. Fine: everyone is free to limit their perspectives wherever they choose or to stay in any box as they see fit. Yet, the woos gather the majority of first hand experiencers, including some long time researchers who changed their mind after they eventually had an encounter themselves or after hearing so many experiencers accounts. I know several examples, yet most avoid going public with their woo experience to keep their reputation.

The founder of hominology, Professor Dmitri Bayanov from Moscow, changed his views after reading my books and asked for advice, but lost a booking at a Bigfoot convention for considering the psychic aspects. He was a bit angry that I published his letter, but we are involved in disclosure, not cover up. Following the scientific approach requires to consider all pieces of evidence, including anecdotal and empirical evidence from first hand experiencers accounts, regardless of the beliefs or theories pursued. So why is the Bigfoot ”mainstream” show concerned only with flesh-and-blood and discards the woo?

Among the paranormal explorers within the Bigfoot researchers, there are also two main classes: the haters and the lovers. The first believe Sasquatch to be a demonic Nephilim, a cannibal succubus or a hairy reptilian, our sworn enemy and most dangerous creatures on our planet. These speculations are based on fear fables and horror stories usually fictitious or misinterpretations of obscure biblical verses. This misleading horror genre, based on nothing but fantasy, sadly seems to be popular and makes the bulk of the Bigfoot literature, movies, and the related lucrative conventions and paraphernalia industry.

However, a deeper study into documented facts reveals that out of tens of thousands of reported sightings, only a few handfuls were actual attacks. Most cases reported as such turn out after attentive scrutiny to have caused fear but no harm, while the vast majority of encounters are peaceful, harmless.

The others or Sasquatch lovers form the bulk of the real enthusiasts who are not after Sasquatch out of hatred to hunt them down or kill, but they are interested out of a sincere yearning to learn to understand those human-like beings, develop peaceful relations with them, and if possible friendly communication. This non-violent peaceful approach has proven incontestably to be far more successful in making contact, as it is the way demonstrated by most experiencers who have furthered their interactions, becoming repeaters and communicators, in other words, learning from multiple continued contacts.

This is the demarcation line where the majority of flesh-and-blood bigfooters fall back into the disbelief, thinking it is so hard and rare to have an encounter that anyone claiming to have had two or more must be making it up. This division line also separates the inexperienced from the experiencers. Nonetheless, the increasingly popular practice of ”squatching” reveals that some seekers make it their hobby or occupation to look for signs of Sasquatch and they might end up having multiple experiences. The key making the whole difference is the main approach in developing inter-species communication.

But why would it be easier to believe the typical ”Bigfoot-crossed-the-road” story, and the driver who saw it was terrified and panicked, the classic cases everyone with an interest in this topic would usually quote for having heard many, but within the same circles the accounts of those who have spent time developing communication with the same beings are most often dismissed, ridiculed and discarded as fabrications. This is where a peaceful, friendly, respectful, spiritual approach manifests its clear results.

Why wouldn’t it? Imagine if a stranger comes peacefully to your backyard, asking respectfully to enter and to meet you, carrying gifts and offering friendship, with a sincere intention of learning from you. Wouldn’t you open your door, or at least meet them halfway across your backyard to see who they are? Sasquatch naturally does the same and Indigenous cultures from around the world know this, this is why they have had ongoing contacts with Hairy Humanoids, as they have respected and honored them. So far, I have met dozens of Indigenous Elders in America and Australia who know those beings well.

The same principle of peaceful communication applies to all experiencers who choose to develop their contacts and become repeaters, as for anyone wanting to understand the Sasquatch or other non-human intelligence. If you come with trickery, deceit, hatred, fear, preconceived ideas or prejudice, like assuming they are less evolved or less intelligent, don’t be surprised if communications come to a stall.

If the Sasquatch were less intelligent than us, how have they kept eluding all our efforts to track or trap them, even with modern technology? In fact, if we pay attention, Sasquatch not only displays obvious signs of highly developed intelligence and creativity, at times with a smarter sense of humor than the tricksters-to-be, but he also teaches us how to develop intelligent inter-species communication. What if, as ancestral traditions teach, Sasquatch had supernatural and psychic abilities we don’t understand such as telepathy and they can feel people’s intentions and hear their thoughts, as evidence seems to suggest?

This is where the spiritual aspect comes into account. In shamanism, everything is spirit, which resonates with quantum physics stating that everything exists from consciousness. Indigenous Elders know Sasquatch. Not everyone in the tribes wants to connect with them, mainly shamans or medicine people keep the connection with non-human intelligence and act as ambassadors. Their wisdom teaches us that if you want to connect with Sasquatch, it has to be pursued in a sacred way, with ceremonies.

It is necessary to have a purpose for learning, beyond the mere curiosity of having an unusual sighting. Ultimately, what the experience teaches us about ourselves is more important than the encounter itself. The teachings we receive and assimilate is what makes the experience truly meaningful and significant.

To understand Sasquatch and other non-human intelligent humanoids, we need to look beyond the limited paradigm of our human intelligence and admit we might not be the only smart ones, nor even the wisest beings in the universe. We must widen our perspectives beyond the box of our human mind.

If you choose to explore this seldom walked narrow path of the inter-species communicators, it is very likely that you will soon discover that communication is a vast domain that can take many forms, overlapping various dimensions of our multidimensional existence. Inter-species communications teach that beyond body language, vocals, sounds, gifting or creative artwork, the emotions and thoughts exert a profound influence on the exchange. Animal communicators and physiognomists among others notice that words have less meaning than the tone and volume of the voice or the attitude and silent behaviors of a person, such as hidden intentions. So inter-species communications teach us to work on ourselves.

Telepathy literally means ”feeling at a distance”; plenty of scientific research has demonstrated the authenticity of the phenomenon. It remains a natural ability and the universal language all sentient beings use, consciously or not, one of the main faculties inter-species communications help to develop. If this sounds too far fetched for certain ”squatchers”, you can still chase tracks, howler around and knock on wood. But the great majority of first hand experiencers describe an intense psychic sensation with their encounter, often with various paranormal phenomena, nothing like any regular bear sighting.

The feeling of being observed is often described and the most common first reaction is fear and unease. These paranormal aspects in humanoid encounters are perceived differently by different experiencers. For some, the experience is frightening and traumatic and they wish it will never happen again to them. For others the encounter might inspire curiosity, an interest, even at times an obsession to find the truth.

Depending on the openness, the will and the efforts an individual invests in inter-species relations, as well as on the nature of the intentions, motivation and approach one has in the process, the results will manifest accordingly, extending beyond the phenomena themselves and including the knowledge and understanding they provide about non-human intelligence, sentient humanoids or two-legged relatives.

For some inter-species communicators like me, whose lives and consciousness have been transformed by their connections with non-human intelligent sentient beings such as Sasquatch, it becomes a fascinating path made of continuous discovery, constant learning, spiritual growth and soul evolution.

Despite the reject, laughter and opposition we might face in sharing what we have learned from our encounters, it feels like a duty, a mission to disclose the information gathered from our communications for those who might benefit from it. We act in a way as inter-species ambassadors whose objective is to promote peaceful inter-species relations. The collective consciousness evolves and there is a growing openness and an increasing understanding of the psychic and paranormal phenomena in society at large, even among more conventional or rational scientific circles, including Sasquatch researchers.

This is fortunate, as we will never understand the Sasquatch or other intelligent humanoids and the phenomena surrounding them until we consider the non-physical aspects, realize that consciousness is a non-local phenomenon and open our limited minds to the infinite possibilities of an interdimensional Multiverse, and to the multiple aspects of existence we do not perceive or are not even aware of, that nevertheless are as much part of reality as the heaps of physical evidence that never seem to be enough.

Hereby, I offer my grain of salt and two cents for the interested auditors, through books, articles, speeches and a website called SCENIC SASQUATCH dot com, S.C.E.N.I.C. stands for Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Inter-Species Communication, promoting a peaceful spiritual approach. This is just dropped here as a data bank and resources offered for seekers and experiencers to deepen their research and understanding or share their own encounters, like about 300 have done there so far.

I have shared a lot about many of my encounters in my writings and presentations, but I find as much, if not a greater passion in sharing similar experiences from other contactees, sometimes shared publicly for the first time or yet unpublished. The number of similarities and connections in the various accounts reveals some common traits confirming among experiencers the authenticity of the diverse experiences.

Since experiencers are often met with derision, they do not need to share their experience and most won’t. At some point, it becomes pointless to try to prove anything, especially to the uninterested, arguers and expert ”debunkers”. But in this age of disclosure, information must circulate freely and the understanding of non-human intelligence will come from contactees who communicate directly with it.

Don’t expect the disclosure of such delicate top secret intelligence to come from the governments. Many powers and institutions have been involved in cover ups and covert ops regarding humanoids. Disclosure will not come from the top down, but from the grassroots level up. Reaching out to non-human intelligence teaches us to evolve in our perceptions beyond our limited human perspectives and that peaceful relations are the best way to learn and understand the other humanoids we co-exist with.

Thanks for reading this letter shared from my heart to all Sasquatch enthusiasts, hoping it is of interest and informative for some. Wishing you all the best blessings in your quests and endeavors…


For more details:

Hairy Humanoids from the Wild – Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch

Artwork: Michael Noullett, ImagineThatCA

10 thoughts on “Letter to all Sasquatch enthusiasts, seekers and experiencers, by SunBôw”

  1. Thank you very much, SunBôw. I really like the part where you speak about the importance of telepathy as a good way to engage with other beings, especially when such beings are more evolved than ourselves. I love your open heart, and your huge courage. You set a model for us to follow, and I read carefully everything you choose to write. Best blessings, Brian Hillyer

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  2. I am sitting under the trees this morning and reading your words and the beauty and wisdom within them and the pure Heart and Mind from whence they came. There are no words to express my gratitude to you for your enlightening content and conveying the messages of our Elder Brothers and Sisters. It is such a special gift to us all. So thank you, SunBow TrueBrother. It is a beautiful thing.

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words of appreciation Chyenne Morning Star. I submitted the above letter to a few large channels addressing our topic, none of which cared to publish it or to even reply. Only one wrote back to say that my letter was too long and too opiniated.

      Thus, it is good to read words of gratitude like yours and know the message was heeded somewhere, unsurprisingly by someone who knows those beings we talk about. It means a lot to me. Gratitude back at you.

      Best blessings on your walk with the Elders…


  3. You are so welcome, SunBow TrueBrother. Though there will always be some who will not be receptive, there are many out there who long to know what Life is all about. There is coming a day when more eyes will open and more ears will listen and hear the Truth of the words of our Ancient Elder Brothers and Sisters. May your Sacred journey continue in Light, Love, Peace and all good and beautiful things. Happy day, Happy thoughts.

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