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The Gathering of Consciousness, by Brian Bland

(Note by SunBôw: Our friend Brian Bland sent us another account of an experience he and his wife had on a site I suggested them to visit, after I had a close encounter there in 2019, 38 years after I had my first Sasquatch close encounter at that same spot, situated next to Chehalis from where the very name Sasquatch comes from. The name Sasquatch was popularized after a 1928 article from John Burns was widely circulated. But it had been used in seldom reports in the BC local press since 20 or 30 years before that.)

The Gathering of Consciousness, by Brian Bland:

Some years back at the suggestion of a friend Susan and I decided to pay a visit to a rural location in Deroche, British Columbia. My home province is steeped in a rich history surrounding the enigma called Sasquatch and Deroche is central to many of these stories and legends. The name Sasquatch originated nearly one hundred years back in the Harrison Hot Springs area, a neighboring community to Deroche.

The word Sasquatch is believed to be an Anglicization of the Salish word Sasq’ets, meaning “wild man” or “hairy man.” J.W. Burns coined the term in the 1930s. Burns was employed as an Indian agent assigned to the Chehalis Band, currently known as the Sts’ailes First Nation. The Sts’ailes people claim to have a close bond with Sas’qets, and believe they have the ability to move between the physical and spiritual realm.

When Susan and I arrived at a dusty, dead end road in our rural Deroche setting the sun had already retired from a long day. Our secluded landing spot skirted the banks of the mighty Fraser river, the longest fresh water waterway in British Columbia. Legend has it that early settlers to the area often reported glowing red eyes escorting them as they journeyed along it’s bank.

Exploring was neither wise or practical at this advanced hour so we huddled close to our vehicle, sitting cross legged in the dirt. According to our friend he was introduced to two sasquatch individuals at this precise spot. Their appearance was not physical in nature but telepathic…expressed in words and images.

The evening was pleasant and dry, the discussion mentally stimulating, and our conversation turned to the topic of orbs. It was a topic that had occupied our thoughts for some weeks…since a mutual acquaintance had shared a series of spectacular orb photos taken from a sasquatch people’s gathering a few weeks prior. My companion suggested she snap a few pictures with her camera to see if anything orb like showed up in them.

It was approximately 1 AM when she began taking a series of pictures that yielded some spectacular results. These pictures, perhaps a dozen in total were shot over a period of minutes. Neither of us observed anything with the naked eye but absolute magic danced before us on review of the pictures taken. Sue simply focused her camera into the pitch dark blackness directly in front of her and snapped her lens.

The initial picture revealed nothing but the following three in the series showed a steady progression of what appeared to be orbs coming into focus. By picture four the photo on Sue’s camera was overtaken by a legion of these figures so densely packed that they resembled a snow storm.

Picture five is when things really began to get interesting. The army of orbs from the previous photograph formed into a swirling mist like entity that appeared to be wielding a trident. This surreal being appeared to have a female face, clearly seen, but understanding the nature of pareidolia makes me hesitant to proclaim it as such. However, I am confident that whatever we were looking at was omnipotent, conscious energy, gathering.

Photograph six captures our subject moving out of camera range, traveling from right to left. Picture seven is startling, revealing an image of a large female face or what appears to be staring directly down at Susan. The face looked wise and benevolent. The next picture number eight taken from the same angle as seven, the female face, was totally black. Susan took a few more shots after this but there was no longer anything to be seen… not one solitary orb. Our mysterious host was gone having retreated like a phantom into the inky black night.

I was feeling a strong female presence throughout the experiment. Upon examining the pictures something significant struck me. I noticed that many of the orbs in photograph five came together to form a single entity. It is bringing it’s consciousness in from an infinite amount of places was my immediate thought. That is a “BIG” idea and would explain why our Sasquatch friends can appear wherever they want by simply thinking it. It would also explain how they can be privy to a conversation and the thoughts of everyone involved in it at the same time… often at great distance.

God’s consciousness is everywhere at once. This is a common theme however I am in no way saying that the Sasquatch people or these entities we were visited by are gods. I don’t believe that, but I am of the belief that what we witnessed was an omnipotent being capable of bringing in or extending it’s consciousness far and wide. This intense teaching moment confirmed that hypothesis. Our visitor clarified something that I already strongly suspected, that indeed some of the more evolved Sasquatch people or “ancient ones” have the capability to have their consciousness in an infinite amount of places simultaneously.

Recently, I showed this series of photographs to the friend (SunBôw) who initially suggested Susan and I go to Deroche. “That’s the female Sasquatch that I saw” he candidly remarked. He of course was referring to the ethereal image of the female starring lovingly down at Susan.

I do not subscribe to coincidence with these “people” and our being there on that particular night was not that. Our arrival was expected. My incredible “light bulb” moment regarding the gathering of consciousness was also not a coincidence. I was already cognizant of their seemingly magical abilities, but this gathering of consciousness from different points of focus put a bold explanation mark on that ever evolving understanding.

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  1. Brian Bland, that was AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for posting those pictures for everyone to see and for telling us about this wonderful adventure you and Sue had. 🙂

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