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My first Sasquatch encounter, by Jill Anderson from Oregon

My first Sasquatch encounter, by Jill Anderson from Oregon:

My first Sasquatch encounter happened in 1969, the summer of my 11th birthday. The group of girls I hung out with at the time were discussing riding our bikes up to Hood Canal on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, one of the families had property on the canal with an old canvas tent, permanently pitched there with a fire pit and a floating dock we could swim out to. I really wanted to go on this adventure, it took me a whole week to talk my mom and dad into it, they were freaked out because there would not be any adults, just five 11-year-olds and two teenagers 18 years of age leading the trip.

I was so happy as the day got closer my parents agreed to let me go with the stipulation being I had to call them from the pay telephone booth at the store when we got there and each day we were there, I happily agreed and started packing for our adventure.

We lived near the Fauntleroy ferry dock in West Seattle and had to ride our bikes around Alki point to get to the other ferry dock North of ours called the Bremerton ferry that launched from the waterfront in downtown Seattle. So that summer morning we all met and started the trek to the Bremerton ferry, once we got off that ferry we had to ride our bikes to the south end of Hood Canal which is where the families property was.

I was one of the few kids who had a three-speed bike when the others had 10 speeds plus carrying our heavy backpacks, I typically was in the back of the line as I was the slowest. Happily we finally reached the Family’s property which was cool and shady full of trees and undergrowth with a single trail going down the center of the property to where the canvas tent stood with the picnic table and barbecue pit area, with the trail continuing to the canals half rocky half sand beach. We were so happy when we finally arrived, dripping in sweat and exhausted we threw our packs in the tent and headed down to go swimming in the salt water to refresh ourselves.

We would be staying four days and three nights, we spent most of the day in the canal swimming and just hanging out having fun and talking, The canal was full of oysters which I really loved eating, so I would dive down bring the oysters up set them on the dock and dive down and get more, once I had gotten quite a few I would load them into the front of my stretched out T-shirt, gather my T-shirt up around them and swim to shore stacking them in the shaded picnic area for us to consume for our next meal, I’ve never eaten so many oysters in all my life, it was awesome!

The very last night of our adventure we all gathered in the tent as it was starting to get dark, all the girls were whispering to each other in different groups talking about random things. I was quietly laying on my side with no pillow under my head but just the ground under my sleeping bag when I started to hear heavy footfalls coming down the single trail that came from the road into the center of the property, where our tent was.

I nervously asked my friend that layed next to me: “do you hear that?” And to my amazement she and all the other girls in the tent instantly are not only sound asleep but snoring very loudly! My heart started to race with excitement and nervousness, as through my third eye, I could see a tall dark figure that felt like a female with her child standing just outside the door of our tent, I instantly knew it was two Sasquatch!

I could easily see her child and the mother in the darkness with the small amount of light there was coming in between the trees from the moon, the mother Sasquatch stood outside our tent door as her daughter went over to the picnic table barbecue pit area picked up one of the oyster shells turned it over in her hands looked at it and set it down just as she found it, walked back over to her mother and they both peacefully turned and walked out of our campsite toward the road.

I was so excited and felt like I was special, that this was a tremendous gift that was given to me, even as a child on a deep level I knew this. I said to myself, ” I am going to be the first one up & out of this tent in the morning to see if there are any tracks left in the damp soil.!!!” (As A side note here, my family and I did a lot of camping as I grew up and my dad showed me how to track.) At first light I bolted out of the tent looking for tracks and did find two sets of them a larger bare foot set and a smaller set, the tracks disappeared even though there should’ve been some before it got to the cement road, I even walked across the road to the wet soil on the other side to see if I could pick up the trail there but there was nothing.

Why would the tracks just disappear I asked myself – this question remained a mystery for many, many years until I started reading many Sasquatch books in 2018, that is where I found the answers to ALL of my Sasquatch questions. In the year 2020 I went to my first Sasquatch Family Reunion get together at Kettle Falls Washington. There I asked Kelly the organizer of this event if she could ask what the name of the female Sasquatch was (that came to me with her child that summer so very long ago,) Kelly proceeded to tell me that she was standing behind me with her hands on my shoulders and her name was given to me, I was so grateful and cried and thanked Kelly deeply for this information.

After the event to my joy, amazement and gratitude I was able to telepath on a regular basis with this female Sasquatch and she informed me of many amazing things about herself & me and in so doing I was able to telepath with many other Sasquatch & Yeti people, these stories are many and better left for another day. I hope you enjoyed my true-life story, have a great day… With Light & Love, JAA from Oregon USA

Artwork: Jill Anderson
Artwork: Jill Anderson

3 thoughts on “My first Sasquatch encounter, by Jill Anderson from Oregon”

  1. Jill Anderson’s experience sounds really magical .For a child of 11 to experience such wonder . It certainly kept her open as she grew up .That’s what I want for my own kids ,so that they stay open to Magic and Spirit

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