Insights from a Quantum Healing Session, by Gideon

Insights from a Quantum Healing Session, by Gideon:

I did a Quantum Healing hypnosis session and in that session I was a chief, but not in the way we see chief in our society, more like a caretaker of the tribe of big foot. I was leading my people to stay in harmony with nature and respecting and honoring the trees and all life, the amount of love they had for nature was like the amount of love we had for our children and the amount of love they had for their children was 100 times stronger then the love we had as humans for our children!

They are very peaceful and I felt a great sense of harmony love and honesty among them, no deception of any kind and yes they talk through the heart, they can feel if something is up or you got a problem and they can sense other beings aura field from miles away and if your hostile or not. They see us as brother but we are lost, they help us as much as they can but we shoot them down and use them for trophy! It is our barbaric way to respond to something new, kill it then ask questions later!

They can shift into other dimension, but they so like nature and the experience of smells and sent and feeling in nature! The love they got for each other is amazing and they talk to each other even if its miles away! It’s all done through the heart, through the love. There was an old tree in the forest that was connected to me. I knew I was going to die and nobody made a fuzz about, it’s just natural cycle! When I died leading my family or tribe into harmony and I did my best, then the tree died too!

It was all about harmony and as I stated in my videos on you tube, harmony means = harm no one, but so many are programmed with lies, deception, from school, science and parents that knew not better, it’s changing finally but its very slow! Everybody that says I was attacked from a yeti or big foot , I would say these are fear propaganda tactics used to hide the fact that we are them too, our DNA comes from them, but they came from another planet to help humanity to be seeded , sharing there DNA with us!

This is what I felt and saw and the amount of love they had for each other and nature. If we had that, the world would be paradise. Well, the world is paradise, but our society is insane, it breeds sociopaths!


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