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Communicator’s account, by Lisa Rockwell

Communicator’s account, by Lisa Rockwell:

We had to take down a 100 ft cherry tree as it was splitting up high. I was talking to the tree, giving my gratitude and saying how sorry I was that it had to come down for safety reasons. There was no wind that day and a branch up high started shaking with nothing on it. A piece of bark fell 90 ft and I caught it in my hand. Tears of love flowed. The tree had responded to my gratitude.

That night, I heard something outside my window mocking my breathing. I was so scared. I’ve lived in the woods most of my life and have never heard anything moving my breathing. Footprints from charcoal from a fire that night was left behind.

I see him often and can call him and he comes. He has shown himself many times to me. There are different looking ones and different colors. They even walk into my house, in spirit form, especially when grand babies started coming. Always respect them. Talk to them, they hear and will come to you. Their energy is like the strongest energies or vortex that you have ever felt. The first one, I call him Harry, would come to the kitchen window every night and grunt, I would say hello and then walk away. I was so used to his presence, I don’t know why I didn’t stand there and talk more.

I don’t see him much anymore and don’t call him in to visit. Who am I to disturb his life walk. He has shown up in many pictures. Sasquatch are multi dimensional much like angels and some spirits. Maybe one day our physical bodies will become higher vibrational and we can disappear and appear at will too. Such sacred beings to me.

Artwork: Su Walker

3 thoughts on “Communicator’s account, by Lisa Rockwell”

  1. Beautiful account, Lisa. You remind me of my own experience, When I was I kid in grade-school I used to hear breathing behind my left ear when I was in bed. I’d hold my breath just in case it was my own breath I was hearing, but the breathing behind me kept on, steady and calm, still in time with my own rhythm,

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  2. Greetings Lisa!

    I had lived in Colorado for 40 years but now live in Kansas. Colorado is home for me. Some of our children yet live in Colorado. I had read recently that Park County has the greatest number of Sasquatch sightings. I plan to return to Colorado and to explore Park County – and, if feasible, any other County that has had Sasquatch sightings.

    With Best Regards,

    Jed Dowd Mypoustinia1@outlook.com August 26th 2022

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