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Experiencer account by Derek, from California

Experiencer account by Derek, from California:

Hello brother SunBôw. Do you know of any Sasquatch tribes in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California? My very first telepathic conversation was with a Sasquatch female from that area around this time last year. Then this past summer, I went backpacking there like I do every summer and I put out telepathic invitations to any Sasquatch in the area and I had a curious visitor across a creek on the first day and a few days later that same Sasquatch female came and visited me in spirit and unbounded unconditional love. Her visit wasn’t physical but was more real that anything I have experienced. I was never told a name.

Thank you for your reply. I have tried to engage in conversation with the (one) at home and in the Los Padres national forest but with no success.

I went backpacking last Sunday afternoon through Monday morning, slept at this campsite beneath a wide spreading oak tree. Just before sunset, after I got a small campfire lit, I invited and Sasquatch, star people or p’nti to join me if they would like to. After a few hours, I put the fire out and went to sleep in my sleeping bag without a tent. At some point, I had a waking dream, I’m pretty sure I was half asleep half awake when this happened and dream blurred with reality but anyways, I heard heavy footsteps and then a tall humanoid figure ran right through my camp right by me in my sleeping bag. It was similar to a sleep paralysis situation where I couldn’t move. It was the sound of them approaching that woke me up. I fell back asleep almost immediately after they passed by.

There was also an interaction last year in the Los Padres national forest at Tule Creek. I was sitting on a rock playing a Native American flute and an unseen somebody grabbed my ankle. I wasn’t startled or anything and just looked down to where I felt it and calmly said “hello do you like my flute playing?”. I played another song and when I left I put a piece of beef jerky on the rock. Some songs I have played and recorded in the high sierra. I think I was playing the song brother coyote. This video was made on the backpacking trip when they ran through my camp at night.

SunBôw’s replies: Greetings Derek, thanks for reaching out. I haven’t really spent time in the Sierra Nevada, but I had encounters in northern California, namely in Shasta, Trinity and the Redwoods. All those regions along with the Sierra are known for high activity. Nice to hear about your contacts. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is indeed common to feel a kind of paralysis like under hypnosis, especially in first contacts. Once you start making friends with them, it can only evolve to higher levels unless you decide to put an end to the process. However, once you know them on a spiritual level, it is a wonderful path of learning that is offered. As your experience shows, if you willingly engage in communication, they will notice and often answer back. From there, there is no limit to how far you can learn from them. Wishing you all the best blessings on your quest. If you haven’t yet, please visit my website for more info on Sasquatch…

Artwork: Mike Paterson, Sasquatch Ontario

5 thoughts on “Experiencer account by Derek, from California”

  1. Hi, I’ve been to two research locations in the central sierras , western slope for many years.
    I was run out of location #1 with a terrifying experience , after going there for many years. I had previously found a very large canid print and I didn’t know about dogmen then, and if someone had told me, I would have been skeptical. But not any more.
    I had heard chimp noises coming from the tree line and then heard an invisible dog while it got closer and closer to me. I just thought it was hiding in the tree line. I was telegraphing to Sasquatch I felt we’re hiding in the trees, that all I wanted to do was rescue the dog. I pursued it thinking a dog had been abandoned up there and it was November and I wanted to rescue it.

    Then the sky turned dark and I knew snow was coming and I felt urgency to get out of there and also to not leave the dog behind. What happened, a dog came up on my right side , and making panting noises. Thing is…it was invisible . I’m not kidding. I made sure to look around carefully to make sure I wasn’t overlooking a corporeal dog and I saw nothing . And then it started making slobbering noises which told me I was about to be attacked.

    I had to leave quickly and now the invisible dog was making more slobbering and growling noises and I had at least a half mile to my car and I used my hiking staff holding it straight out to keep “it” at bay. I got to about eighth mile from my car, and all activity ceased . It was like I crossed a border.

    For what it’s worth, I have had similar experiences in old gold rush era cemeteries in the Mother Lode country. Explored many old cemeteries and was run out of them more than once.

    Took me 5 years to go back to research area #1 . And I found weird objects made of forest materials and I also experienced ground shaking footfalls coming up behind me. Shook the bench I was sitting on. I turned around expecting to see a giant…but I saw nothing. Nevertheless, I said “ hello” .

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is similar to other accounts of dogmen encounters. As you noticed, it often turns out to be more fear, but no harm. They like the Sasquatch often come in a invisible form, which is often enough to frighten most, so imagine what a visible encounter can do. However, they usually test our courage to see how ready and willing we are to connect. Many experiencers don’t pass this first test, but the knowledge lies beyond our fear. Blessings on your quest…


      1. Thank you for your reply. I guess I didn’t pass the test! If it means anything: the place where I had this experience is a heavily used recreational area, but closed off in winter. The encounter occurred when the place was deserted in November, just after deer season had closed. I wonder if earlier heavy human presence with all the attendant noise and activity made them very unhappy when they saw me , thinking I’m going to bring more noise and disruption. They may have thought they had the place to themselves ( there’s a lake nearby) and then I show up. I’m very quiet and respectful and never leave trash.

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      2. You seem to figure things out quite well. I could only concur with your conclusions. Just remember your own relation with them is personal and unique. No one can alter it but you. Blessings on your walk…


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