Documentary on the Almas of Central Asia and Russia

Documentary on the Almas of Central Asia and Russia:

This interesting 40-minute newly released documentary covers several historic reports and modern research about the Almas of Central Asia and Russia. Most of these cases and the names related are mentioned in Hairy Humanoids from the Wild – Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch. Educative and informative video, although we do not subscribe to the Neanderthal hypothesis. As explained by our friend Dr Igor Burtsev, an eminent researcher in hominilogy for over half a century who studied the case of Zana, experts opinions are often very subjective and vary widely from one to another.

Documentary (in English):

Art: Andrew Johanson

3 thoughts on “Documentary on the Almas of Central Asia and Russia”

  1. Sasquatch exist, there are many witnesses to this. The witnesses perceive them differently than the scientists because they see friends and not research objects. Fortunately, Zana was integrated into the village community. She was very helpful because she was strong and could carry a lot. Unfortunately, she had to live in captivity for a long time, which is sad. Her grave was not found. Maybe she lives happily with her companions in another dimension. I wish it to you very much dear Zana.

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