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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 3)

Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 3):

Following Part 1 and Part 2 in this series, here are additional comments on the post about Chiye Tanka or Sasquatch by Indigenous Life Movement.

MKMW: Up on the Canadian side way north. People know where they sleep and stay away from those areas because the people everywhere are not the same. Sabe knows this.

KS: But is windigo or wendigo a Navaho legend or is it also a Lakota legend?

CK: Those are totally different. Those are bad. Think other tribes have them in their stories too. They’re dark.

JB: Wendigo is an evil spirit that possesses you and causes cannibalism. Completely different being.

MKT: Windigo is Algonquin. And the closest thing to it that I know of in Yup’Ik is the stories of ” Long Nails “. They are evil scary beings. Long nails will eat you. But if Long Nails only bites you, and you get away… Your skin will turn gray, your nails will grow, and you’ll have a hunger for human flesh & blood… You end up turning into Long Nails… Big Foot is Hairy Man in Yup’Ik. But Hairy Man isn’t evil.

RS: Ojibwe. Not a legend. Really a curse brought on by a powerful medicine man for us not to become cannibals back in sad time when the government put us on reservations and tried to starve us. In the winter, people were hungry and started eating each other and that was bad. So who ever partook of another human flesh was cursed to have a thirst of Human flesh in so much that he would eat his own and the Ojibwe called them wendingo… You can look it up: wendigo.

PM: Wiindiigoo or giant ice cannibals that used to enter our camps and eat Anishinaabek people. Kichii Sabe, or bigfoot is not the same being. But both are giants. Kichii sabe is a teacher, friend and family to us.

EA: We call him mistapew, which mean big man. He had been seen around our area. We believe he is a spirit and visits us. He is also a spiritual helper to some. It is considered a blessing to see or encounter one. They are here to help, not hurt us…

FL: Just so everyone knows Bigfoot is a Shapeshifter. When you see one, then you go to where you saw him, another animal comes out and runs away.

NR: They are multi-dimensional beings.

MH: My Lakota brother used to say that. We even talked about it not too long before he died.

EMB: Very interesting… It makes more sense then, they’re everywhere & yet we can’t find one – the TV show is SO BORING.

DC: Bobo says they’re getting close. By the next episode they will have new evidence! Lol

KG: I used to live near a large park, and twice I caught a white Bigfoot staring in my window and I heard them howling multiple times.

SK: I’ve seen him BIGFOOT a couple times. But they’re losing a lot of coverage timber, due to our tribe in Warm Springs, OR, butchering all our timber, making clear cuts. BIG FOOT has his home getting cut. People around here have seen BIGFOOTS frequently.

LK: He visited me several times in the last 9 months, not in the flesh but with signs and sounds, when I put my cabin in a secluded off grid location. He wanted to get my attention, he threw rocks, ripped tree limbs, visited me at night with sounds, he and I became one. He also let me know not to build my cabin where I was going to put it. I wish I could show you some photos but it wont let me share. He is real.

RW: Being only half Native American, the people of the Seminole have spoken of the man of the marsh. Some call them skunk ape. But as a person who loves the outdoors, there are places that have never seen a human footprint; only there and in our hearts can they live.

JJTA: Last time I was walking through the trees I kept hearing noises as if kids were throwing rocks, but the energy around me felt more powerful, as if big brother was watching me and let me know he was near to watch over me as I walked. I did not have fear, only peace as if we were in harmony, like we have met before though I’ve never seen him.

RM: He crossed my path, he sauntered in no hurry. Sabe turned, looked at me, disappeared into the forest blending with the trees, he is our big brother.

JL: For me, I saw him or her in October 2018. I was frozen when I saw it and I can believe it, even I saw it. There he was just standing in willows looking at me as I drove by, couldn’t stop, half of his body showed, couldn’t believe how big he was. I was out moose hunting at Albany Forks, James Bay coast area. Telling (this) story, I know no one will believe me, but I say this, the only time you see something is if you are far out inland. This one I’ll never forget.

LPD: I’ve seen him three times and heard him twice. In northern California and in North central Washington. Wonderful! I believe the Lakota!

RS: They do have a measurable vocal frequency that is unlike any other animal, according to scientific analysis.

JN: Yes, supposedly. I have a vocal recording that’s quite interesting.

DC: I have seen them before. My grandmother told me they were the protectors of the earth. To leave them alone, they won’t bother you. If you see them, you will see them throughout your lifetime.

RC: I have a complete family in the bush where I have my cabin and I protect him.

FME: “Powerful” 3rd dimensions-between worlds (they are our protectors).

JHP: All things are not meant to be understood, but it is up to each INDIVIDUAL he presents himself to accept or dismiss, and usually when we accept we begin to understand. The dismissal on the other hand is a type of selfishness of not being able to open up to new things, ideas, ways of being!

SB: He is there, he is never to be caught. But we know he is there. Pass down the tradition.

CF: And he used to walk with them… The first people here on Turtle Island.

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