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Experiencer story by Chyenne Morning Star

Di’Eaya, by Chyenne Morning Star:

Many years ago, I had a dream. I dreamed of a female being. She was very large, huge, had human features and was covered in fur. Her fur was golden, and she was smiling at me. When I looked into her eyes, I saw myself looking back at me and I thought I was her. I was shown this many years ago in the dream, but I was not at the place I am now to actually understand what it meant. I think it scared me because I didn’t know what the dream meant or was trying to say. And it was through dialogue with my Sacred Self that this was revealed and had many strong confirmations. This was not a physical contact, but a spiritual one in the realm of dreams and the invisible. At this time, I was concentrating on healing and the purification of my bloodline and my ancestors. I had been doing this for quite a while.

Then a few years ago, I had another dream. There was a portal that opened into a world of Trees, and beauty and standing in the portal was this figure again, smiling and beckoning me to follow. So many years had passed since the first dream, many experiences and paths later, I was reminded of this first dream, so I decided to see what it was trying to tell me.

So, I began a series of meditations on this and a whole new world, dimension opened up to me. I am told she is the Matriarch of my bloodline. That my bloodline originates from her. Her name is Di’Eaya. Her color was golden for a specific line of her lineage. The following is from my journal of writings and what I was told in this intimate space.

“You carry a lot in your bloodline. Your bloodline is ancient. It goes back farther than has been calculated in years. The purification and healing you have been doing for your ancestors is not a small thing. Di’Eaya is where your bloodline began, and I will tell you more about her.

She is the Mother of your ancestral bloodline. Her DNA was taken to create another race of beings. She did have children, both as an Earth Mother and a Mother of hybrid beings due to DNA extraction. As she was golden in color, unusual for her families. She was respected in her Clan and family and led them in right relationship with the Earth Mother.

She was creative and made ornaments and adornments out of shells, stones, bones, feathers. She had a special language that she used when she communicated with the living and growing things. Just because she had a form of fur did not mean she was not human. She had a human mind/soul birthed out of the Earth Mother’s consciousness. In a way, you are her because of your ancestral bloodline. She was beautiful as you saw in your dream. She was so beautiful and had such an elegant sacredness about her that the non-terrestrials wanted and took her DNA hoping to have this sacredness through their children. She was funny, compassionate, a loving mother. She did not have one mate and only mated to progress the spiritual line of her people and humanity. Her aura was golden and reflected that through her fur that shone like the Sun and that is what you saw in your dream. Her eyes were brown with golden flecks in a pattern similar to a flower. She walked with an elegant gait and sang as she walked.”

One day I went down to the lake where I live and saw this Stone with a feather and shells that the Water had left from the drought we were having. It reminded me of her and her gathering of shells and feathers and stones for ornaments. There are messages everywhere if we would but pay attention and listen.

At this point, I specifically asked if she was of the Sasquatch clan. I was told ‘yes’ and that the original bloodline was of the Sasquatch origin.

After all this information just came flooding in, and there was more, I went to a little rock shop in a nearby town thinking about all this and this is what I found – an image in a labradorite Stone that pretty much says it all about this. I just about fell over and got weak in the knees when I realized what the image was and represented at this time. There were other confirmations, but this one can’t be dismissed. It is an image of a Sasquatch holding the hand of a young one at her side and maybe another one along her hip. I hope you can see it. I think the ‘Stone People’ have spoken. (Labradorite is the dreamer’s stone. It is also known as the Matriarch of the subconscious mind and inner messages) Interesting that the message of the Matriarch of my bloodline was in this particular stone.)

Last month I was taking a nap in my chair. There is a huge fireplace in the living room. I even dreamed a bit but don’t remember of what, but had a sense of happiness during the dream and even woke up smiling. I don’t know if I opened my eyes because I sensed a presence in the room, or if I sensed the presence when I woke up because my eyes just popped open. Standing against the fireplace was a huge presence as tall as the fireplace (the fireplace is about 15 ft tall). The presence was a happy, and very comforting presence of protection. The energy was masculine, and I am told he is here to protect and that he is a Sasquatch and from another dimension. At first I thought it was a Being manifested from the natural Stones on the fireplace and I kept thinking this presence was related to the Stones. A few days ago I decided to research the word for Big Foot/Sasquatch in the Cherokee language (my maternal grandmother was Cherokee but not brought up with Cherokee traditions. I don’t know much about her life because she never talked about it) and found your website. The translation was:

Nun Yunu Wi – Cherokee Indian – “The Stone Man.”

So now I know.

I think it’s important to know one’s origin, not only in the spiritual sense but in the bloodline sense as well. However, I think it is important that one seeks with purity of heart and mind for the benefit of all things, as well as the evolution of the individual Soul. I have been doing this all my life (I am in my 70’s now) and piece by piece I have finally put it all together, just but a few pieces of life itself. It has taken a lot of time to sort out the threads of information, some of which were not accurate and manifested as others’ thoughts, and cords of connection from others that funneled thoughts of other individuals pretending to be my own. I test everything that comes to me and if it doesn’t meet the test, I discard it. It is a journey of separating the thoughts that come from my Sacred Self and thoughts that do not belong in my microcosm.

I think a lot of times people get all these thoughts mixed up and it is difficult to discern what is real and what is generated outside the Soul. It is a rather abstract puzzle, but nevertheless tells the story of my origin. I have always known the spiritual origin, my Soul’s origin, but it was the bloodline in the human sense that shocked me. Never, at least in this lifetime I would have imagined that the Matriarch of my family bloodline is a Sasquatch until I had two dreams of Her and this lead me on a journey of discovering who she is – it is a complicated story.

I was shown this many years ago in the dream but I was not at the place I am now to actually understand what it meant. One just doesn’t make these things up. This isn’t reincarnation I am talking about. That is different. I didn’t reincarnate as her – but she is the Matriarch through the bloodline of my human family obviously thousands, maybe millions of years ago as Earth people. When one has images in the mind coming from a more human physical appearance – what we look like now – then having a dream of a Sasquatch that is the Matriarch of the bloodline – it is a shock and I totally pushed it away for many reasons. It came up again in the dream of the portal with her standing there, smiling, and beckoning me to follow. I kept asking for confirmation and was told I had been given synchronicities about my Sasquatch Matriarchy and to embrace it. I have to go by what I am intuiting. There needed to be healing in my entire bloodline of my family and the traumas they went through as they evolved, were experimented on, wars, and even kidnapped by nefarious races – which still continues today.

This is but a part of my story. Thank you for reading it.

Chyenne Morning Star

12 thoughts on “Experiencer story by Chyenne Morning Star”

  1. Wonderful Sharing… Thank You …. many of us are learning we once incarnated as these highly involved beings…and have now returned to do work on the planet as it evolves into yet another new age….

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  2. Thank you Brian for your lovely comment. Best blessings to you as well as we all continue our journeys as our Souls evolve into light, love, peace and all that is beautiful.

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  3. Thank you Chyenne Morning Star for that beautiful story. A blessing you were able to find your lineage back to a Sasquatch Matriarch. Many blessings to you!

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  4. A beautiful telling of your findings and confirmation about ancestors and DNA and yes, the Sasquatch connection with us. Beautiful labradorite and message too! Thank you for sharing! Much love and respect to you…and to all our Sasquatch family everywhere on this good green Earth.

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  5. Thank you for your story and including all of the interconnected elements. Stones have been great helpers for me too. How wonderful to be given that beautiful image on the Labradorite. I shared a link and hope others are drawn here too!

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  6. Thanks Cheyenne Morning Star for sharing your journey and insights with us. Yes I can see them in the Labradorite. I feel a Great connection with the Stone Man. I am working with the Ancestors now exploring my Shamanic path.

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