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Experiencer’s insights, by Cassandra from California

Experiencer’s insights, by Cassandra from California:

I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that our Brethren & their families are very real indeed. I was born ( like ALL HUMANS ARE) with gifts of telepathy, intuitive, spirit seer, empath. We are all born with these gifts however some stay with us & most gets brainwashed out of us bye how were raised, the school system, foods that are poisoned and bad water that our government feeds us. Fortunately I was born into a family that celebrated these gifts and honored them. We grew our own food and played outside in the trees and tall grassy meadows here in California. My little sister and I used to make potions of Rose petals and other plants to make tea party’s with these other creatures that were constantly visiting us. At night we would say our prayers and thank creator for sending us new exciting friends to spend our days with.

We have experienced many different forms of life from everywhere. A lot of them are within and all around you now, however some of you know, feel, or see them, and others are unfortunately stuck in the dark. When I got older I started astral projecting (out of body experience) where I would fly my spirit self in guided meditation to meet my spirit guides and other friends.

The first time I met one was on an astral projection that lasted 3 hours our time on earth, but what felt like an entire day in the astral realms. Her name was pronounced (Kas-ar-uh) or something close to that. She said she was one of my spirit guides. I was so in awe of her beauty and the enormous amount of love energy, a love that I have never felt on earth, it reached deep into my soul, pierced it and it has stayed with me ever since. Her & I went walking through these lush forests I can only explain as “other worldly” such great beauty. NO HUMANS to be seen. She allowed me to lye in this soft tall grass with her in this forest. She just kept hugging me so tight with her massive arms that almost wrapped around me twice it felt like. She was so beautiful not just in her appearance, but, in her eyes I could see other solar systems and universes. And she smelled like jasmine flowers.

She told me that I had to be brave & strong. That she would come to me the minute I called her name in my mind, to surround me and protect me. Now I live right on the Pacific Ocean a block from the beach in a densely populated beach town in California called Pismo beach, it’s just full of rich white people, that continue to trash our planet, however I was born here & always come back when I move to be close to my mother and father and grandma.

So when I woke up after the three hours, I was still lying on my living room floor with the candles I had lit prior to projecting, and I opened my front door to see what time it might be, (also note, I have a camera on my front door, due to some scary instances that had happened to me) on the ground in this densely populated town in an apartment complex were these odd looking leaves and rocks in a perfect circle, like carefully placed. The leaves didn’t look like any I had ever seen in California. The rocks were sparkling in the sun, I’ve kept them ever since.

When I looked at my camera to see who put them there all there was was a cyclone or whirl wind of dust like a mini tornado on the camera and it wasn’t windy at all that day. So I knew it was a gift. I fully couldn’t explain it, when I came back in after gathering my gifts, I felt a warm breeze funnel though my studio, like a gentle hug. So I audibly thanked her, and her family. Since then I have had feathers huge great big feathers on my windshield wiper blades of my vehicle. I find little treasures when I’m out in the woods. I constantly call on her when I’m having anxiety from the worldly things that are happening all around us, and she gently calms me, and reminds me to focus on the beauty and love everyone who I come into contact with, send out love vibrations, even if it throws some folks off and they feel odd around me, I do it anyways.

Others are attracted to the light and love I send out, and those are the awakened ones. I don’t want other mean humans to KNOW IN FACT that Sasquatches (I don’t like that name) our older wiser brothers and sisters live in a parallel universe that runs directly next to ours and can come in and out of our world as they please, can disguise themselves, be invisible, and other magical aspects of them. Our government in America is so full of corruption and deceit that it’s sometimes hard to understand why a government would want to control that population, brainwash them to control our every move, sell us 5G technology that lowers each and every one of our vibrational frequencies, ergo making it harder and harder for us to connect to our spiritual gifts, and figure out what’s really going on.

Contamination of our food supply and water with fluoride that’s proven to dumb us down. Television shows and news broadcast that have such a subtle background lower vibrational bad frequencies (most humans cannot audibly hear, from a disconnection to there gifts) that’s meant to dumb us down and keep us in fear so we can’t use our gifts, and other negative entities can feed off of our fears, drink up our human spirit resources and vibrations like a milkshake. So I threw out my T. V, got rid of my wifi router, got an older cell phone that only runs on 4G and only use my computer for an hour or so a day to limit, my infliction from these limiting instruments. I keep all electronics in my garage or off, and only go pick them up and use them in the garage.

I constantly keep myself protected with a huge white and violet bubble every morning, sage, Palo Santo, rosemary and lavender that I grow smudging my home, myself, my car, anyone who wants to enter my home. Have hundred of crystals all around me and orgones at all four corners of my home that I personally made with intention. I constantly check my water that I purchase for Fluoride or chlorine and clean it with some natural roots that eliminate the Fluoride and other contaminants, eat only raw vegetables and fruits, no meat as it’s filled with adrenalin from the animals being so freaked out and scared before being slaughtered that it’s toxic plus all of the disgusting GMO’s and toxins they pump into our animals made for food supply. Gluten free, dairy free (due to antibiotics in the cows) vegan.

And I will tell you what, ever since I made a few changes to my diet and lifestyle, stopped buying all the destructive technology they offer, I can hear, see, and feel the others around me. It’s amazing, and I just wanted to share that story with you guys. If you try to meditate with the vibration of Love, absolute love, they will draw near to you when you call upon them. Do NOT have fear in your hearts if you do happen to run into one of our elders ancestors while hiking or in the outdoors just send them love and see the response. They are trying to help heal the masses and wake everybody up.

They genuinely love and look after us. There always around. Seek and you will find, knock and the doors will be opened unto you, ask and you shall receive. Fear not my beloveds, a bright harmonious future is on the horizon. They are absolutely real as are hundreds of other types of energy’s, entities, spirits, angels, ancestors, guides, always around us always watching over us always loving us.

Cassandra Alexis Tierra Foster
Pismo beach, CA

Artwork: Mike Paterson, Sasquatch Ontario

1 thought on “Experiencer’s insights, by Cassandra from California”

  1. Thanks Cassandra for such a wonderful sharing of your experiences. I will make more effort to keep my vibrations with LOVE, and clear myself by smudging when ever the modern world’s energy gets too intrusive. Your example is very radiant and clear, and will have a good effect over my imagination as I think over your experiences. Walk in Beauty my friend.

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