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Ancient Warrior, encounter and message, by Chyenne Morning Star

Ancient Warrior, encounter and message, by Chyenne Morning Star:

Synchronicity is a wonderful thing. It is defined as things happening together as if perfectly timed.

I have experienced a lot of synchronicities in my lifetime. When something is revealed in Spirit through my Mind’s Eye or from the Other Side of the veil, it is always confirmed by some synchronistic experience or event. Like the dreams of Di’Eaya and finding her image in a Labradorite Stone or the presence of Sasquatch that appeared in my living room in front of the Stone fireplace and discovering the Cherokee name for Sasquatch was ‘Stone Man.’ Or the synchronicities about the Morning Star. Intuitive contact with our Elder Brothers and Sisters confirmed through synchronicities is a beautiful thing.

The presence of the Elder Sasquatch whom I thought at first was a manifestation of the Stone People of the fireplace came at a time when information was flooding into my Consciousness about my Sasquatch bloodline. After sensing this huge presence and realizing this was a Sasquatch Being, I wanted to know more, so I asked who he was and why he had entered my ever-changing world. I wanted to know who he was just as I wanted to know more about Di’Eaya.

There are infinite lifeforms, some positive, some negative and some who mean us harm. There are also ones who have been ‘captured’ by lower vibrational entities but want to be free, change, and ally with the more benevolent higher vibrational forces. All my life I have had unwelcome dream invasions of sleep paralysis, and my Sacred Space by lower vibrational beings and entities and it has taken most of my life to figure out why these took place and how to protect myself. Although I have felt protected during my life, it was after a particular event in the Dream Space that I realized, though our guardians are always with us, we can also protect ourselves by our own Sovereignty, the severity of these happenings. Several years ago, I recorded this in my journal:


This morning about four o’clock, I had an experience in the Dream Time I will never forget. This was on another level. I couldn’t go to sleep this night, felt something was going to happen. I didn’t know if it was something on a global or personal level. Sometimes when I have that feeling, it is an event like an earthquake or global loss of life. I got into bed and fell asleep around 3:30 am. I was awakened by my own voice crying out in pain and anguish trying to come out of a sleep paralysis. When I awakened, I saw my own limp astral body being pulled upward out of my body surrounded by non-terrestrial entities. Looking much like what we call the Greys, only spindlier bodies, more tannish in color with rounder heads, eyes, and mouth. They had more eyeball appearance than that of solid black eyes. Their appearance was that of skin over skeletons, more human-like than the typical Greys we are familiar with at this time. It is my intuitive sense that the appearance of these beings was what the Greys looked more like in the 1940s and 1950’s.

There was some type of rectangular box attached to my right hip (I was asleep on my left side) that had a blue light in it. I had the feeling of being sucked out of my body. As soon as I cried out and was aware of what was happening, it broke the hold on me and the beings that were surrounding me and the blue box disappeared in a matter of a nano second. It happened so fast I did not get a better look at them in detail. I got up and was extremely cold. I smudged the room with sage and wrote and sketched what happened. In truth, I felt like they were trying to extract my Soul from my body. The desperation and anguish in my voice was something I have never experienced.

Original sketch from 5-12-2019

I am told that my bloodline through Di’Eaya has been tracked throughout its history of the evolution of our bloodline. Sometimes these things are difficult to understand or hear, but if we don’t know about them, how can we heal them?

Because I woke up, the invasion of my Dreaming Space was stopped. I was aware of it just as it was happening. The drawing above was done after it happened with notes about the incident while it was still fresh in my memory. During that moment, it was as though I was seeing my Physical body in the bed, my Dreaming body above the bed as I was standing beside the bed observing. It was as if there were three of me. This is difficult to explain in clear terms and understanding. It was very symbolic that this happened on Mother’s Day – the day we honor our Mother who births us all. One of the keys to stopping this madness of invading our Dream Space is always being aware of our invisible surroundings. Not being fearful, just knowing and developing sensitivity to what enters our Microcosm.

Although there have been just a few relatively less intense incidents since then, I can sometimes still feel attempts to invade my Sacred Space.

So, who is this Sasquatch and why has he entered my World? I am told it is because he heard the Voice of the Sacred Feminine calling. The Voice of the Sacred Feminine that lives in all of us. The Sasquatch, the Ancient Ones, and those who are helping us today revere the Sacred Feminine, the Earth Mother and the Mother energy that permeates all things. I am told because of prayers and mediations, he answered. He has not always been here in that capacity, but because of the ever-changing world and coming events, the Ancient Warrior protecting energy is needed.

Writing from my journal several months ago. This is what I am told about him:

“He is a very ancient ancestor of yours. He is a Sasquatch who returned from another dimension. He has come through an opening to guard and protect you. He is huge in stature, formidable and not to be crossed. Your ancestors see you. Your ancestors hear you. Realize now that your prayers, meditations for all and your love for the Sacred Feminine have spiraled, traveled into other dimensions, other worlds, other universes. He heard you and because you have an open heart and mind, he has come to you to help and protect you.

These Ancient Sasquatch are intelligent, and telepathic throughout all dimensions. They are great warriors, and no one approaches them in a confrontational manner. Their very presence is enough to discourage any malevolent activity. He is here to stay with you continuing your Soul’s journey. As with all humans born into this matter world, all are born with Spirit Guides, teachers, ancestors, protectors, and helpers to assist one’s journey. This One came from outside of your Microcosm – he wasn’t ‘born’ into your Microcosm as are some of the Spirit Guides and others. He is an Elder and Leader of his Clan. All respect him and agreed with his decision to enter your world at this time. There will always be challenges and dangers along the path, but the need is strong at this time in your planetary history for protection from the increase of lower beings who have entered this time period for nefarious purposes.

In time, you will get to know him on a deeper understanding level. He will tell you his ‘name’ when he is ready to reveal it. (So, for now, I call him Ancient Warrior.) He is quiet, stoic, fierce, compassionate, and mostly serious. He has little tufts of gray furry hair scattered around his face because he is long in years. He has eyes that can stop you in your tracks or embrace you with compassion. He is a fascinating interdimensional Earth Human. He is remarkable in stature (as you sensed in his presence by the fireplace), character and integrity. Yet, when the fierceness of his nature rises up to protect, no one, no thing, no AI, no entity, human or otherwise with the intent to harm will get past him. Although he was not born into your Microcosm, he is your relative. He is the brother of Di’Eaya, the Matriarch of your bloodline, your Elder Uncle.”

In my heart, I know this is truth, but sometimes it is hard to comprehend with the physical mind. This is a very deep and Spiritual thing, Di’Eaya, her brother and my Sasquatch Family. No one will believe me. And at that moment, I heard the words, “No one needs to believe you, not even you. It is so.”

I have hesitated to share this story because of the experiences of sleep paralysis and invasive attacks in my personal Sacred Space, but it finally reached a point that the urging to share this story could not be held back. Over the years, I have learned also how to protect my Sacred Space by my own Sovereignty and the Sovereignty of the Sacred Giver of Life activating it by Right Relationship with infinite beings who inhabit the same Macrocosm. Our Elder Brothers and Sisters are watching, protecting, and assisting us as we realize who we truly are and our Sovereignty of that knowing and our relationship with all Life Forms.

I have thought about this for several months now since he first introduced himself into my world and find myself still wanting to know more about this Ancient Warrior, and on April 4th, 2023, I was standing in front of a large window that is in the office room of the house that frames the Ancient Trees I love so much, the flowers, and lake where I live. I have looked out that window, maybe thousands of times since I have been here in the 70’s. All of a sudden, my head turned, and my eyes immediately focused on a pair of eyes in a face on the burl of an Oak Tree. I stood still and knew at that precise moment when that space between Space/Time aligns, and all is One in the Now; it was that synchronistic event that comes after an intuitive truth confirming the protection of Ancient Warrior.

Synchronicity is a beautiful thing. Piercing Eyes, gray ‘tufts of furry hair” and all. What a wonderful thing, to be blessed by our Elder Brothers and Sisters and the Sacredness of all of Life.

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