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Expedition on Slocan Peak, June 16, 2018

By SunBôw

Today, Jules, Dean, Erik and I went up on Slocan Peak, the highest summit overlooking this part of the valley. We drove up the mountain on that long winding rough road, until thick patches of snow forced us to continue on foot to the summit. Soon after we started walking, a couple happy hoots and branches breaking were heard on the slope below us.


We stopped and played flutes and the Tibetan bowl for some moments, to greet our hairy forest friends who had just welcomed us. We kept hiking up the road and right then, we heard some low and slow drumming on what sounded like a hollow tree or stump, like a regular heart beat, coming up from the same steep slope of dense woods below us.

We felt we were being observed, greeted and expected, as we had been called there by them and had prepared ourselves, letting them know we were coming to meet them.


We reached the summit to discover a breathtaking panoramic view on the mountain ranges all around with snowy summits, beyond the valleys far below our feet.


There is unfortunately a tall microwave tower standing there which emits a loud annoying beep when people get close to it, scarring the scenery and spoiling ambiance.


We sat some distance aside, on a rock platform where I rebuilt an old stone altar that was half scattered. We left some offerings there and I chanted two Sasquatch songs.


We were later answered by a few gentle whoops and sounds of movement in the woods. At that point it started raining, so we began to head down to the truck, but the sun soon returned, so we did a couple side stops on the way to explore some special energy spots.

On a rocky crest, we found a special stone looking like a buffalo and sitting on a wall.


We drove down the mountain happy with our day and of having met our hairy friends, although we didn’t complete the mission that had brought us up there as of now.

I then started to record an experiencer interview with Erik, but sadly my camera battery ran dead. So we promised ourselves to do it on another occasion soon, along with Dean.


Then I found out there is a pregnant doe that has made some kind of a nest just behind the house, possibly to give birth, and she was very calm and peaceful when we talked.


Tonight, I saw a large space ship come down on the mountain near the tower where we were and left offerings. In relation to the tower, it seemed to be over 100 feet wide, with about twenty large lit square windows across, bright lights under spinning and flashing quickly with different colors, and a large dome over that lower double ring of lights.

It’s one of the best sightings I’ve had in a long time and it manoeuvered in an impressive way as it came down, hovered for a few seconds with all lights flashing and landed.

I didn’t have my camera for this one, but here a few images of our day. Blessings to all…

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