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My Sasquatch Encounter, by Michael Roland


Saturday, November 2, 2019. It was around noon as I walked beside a paved road in the hinterland of British Columbia, Canada. It was a pleasant sunny day sometimes with chilly late autumn breeze. On my right are low hills and some houses here and there. On my left is a river and at the opposite bank are steep hills with pine trees. Around one hundred meter in front of me are some sparse pine trees.

Suddenly I saw a very big humanoid figure among the trees. I estimated his/her height must be at least 5 meters! The color was black and the backlight effect made the figure even darker. But it was clearly humanoid with big head, broad shoulders and arms.

Human can not be that big. It must be a Sasquatch! I was frozen but there was no fear inside me. The Sasquatch was there not to scare me but just want to say hello in their own way. Then in a split second the Sasquatch hid behind a thin pine tree that was impossible to hide a body that big. That means the creature had dematerialized. I smiled and started to walk again. I use the name Sasquatch and not Bigfoot as the latter is a derogatory term. Sasquatch don’t like to be photographed. I kept my big camera in my bag and only used my phone to take picture of the area after the encounter.

Note by SunBôw: Our good friend Michael Roland had his encounter while on his way to the 3rd Annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Gathering where we met, an event I organized in the Slocan Valley in BC, where I was living then. The region host the famous Sasquatch Lake and is renown as a hot spot for Sasquatch and UFO sightings. I had several encounters in that region and met many others who did too while living there.

Later, Michael Roland translated The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 1 in Indonesian language, which he published last year. Copies are available for our Indonesian readers either online or directly with him via email at yayasanbarzakh@gmail.com .

Best blessings to all beings…

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