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Experiencer story in the Yowie Triangle, by Miranda Wells from Queensland

Experiencer story in the Yowie Triangle, by Miranda Wells from Queensland:

Hello Sunbow. I think that they are trying to make contact with me. I have been camping deep within what is known as the Yowie Triangle in Australia and I was raised with constant talk of them and many experiences. But the most prolific happened on Sunday night. I would love to talk more with you 🙂 I love your book and read it out aloud at our camp site💙

I actually go and camp at Imbil Qld. In the forestry 🙂. I have always been aware of being watched, but never afraid. But this Sunday event was amazing.

We were in our bed. My husband and I and heard the loudest shrill high pitched call. We both sat up in bed (2 am) and went what was that. It couldn’t be an animal. Next it was right beside our camp. Huge huge high pitched almost firework noise again. Then a third. Yes this forestry is active. Next we went to our car. And beside me in bush was one walking casually. Can tell it was a two legged and crunching bush. Then next we heard movement all around us.

The finale was the biggest crashing sound like a tree falling to the ground in the bush above and a big growl, a whistle and even a strange bird noise. Let’s just say the other person camping with us nearly crapped his pants.

This is the scenery and some footprints.

I reached out to you as here, well nobody believes me 😂

Yes. Your book (The Sasquatch one) has meant a lot to me. Especially how they spoke to you. I always believed they were kind and misunderstood and sick of humans hunting them. I am going back this weekend and if they come, I want to sit and welcome them with my ❤️ I will let you know how the next trip goes. Thank you for your book.


Note from SunBôw: Miranda magically wrote to me without knowing that I’m presently in Queensland as well, and that I had a close encounter at the same Imbil State Forest in February, when Uncle Trevor, the Kadaichi man, drove me up in the mountains and left me on my own to camp overnight. I have not shared the details of this experience yet, so this is a good occasion. I heard many sounds similar to what Miranda describes and Trevor told me numerous local Yowie stories, yet I didn’t know of the Yowie Triangle.

Here is in short, my experience up there. First, when the night came I did ceremony with smudge, chants, drum and rattle, to express my intentions to them. After a while I heard a loud shout like a growl, maybe fifty meters to my left. It was the ten foot tall local clan leader who was asking me what I had brought him. I apologized, stripped a piece of dry bark from a gum tree and filled it with samples of the different kind of food I had, and carried this spirit plate to offer it in the bush standing in the direction from where I had heard the voice. As I walked toward the bush, I heard his footsteps walking toward me and saw him in a transparent form come stand behind the bush, a few meters from me. I left the spirit plate in the branches and asked him permission to spend the night on his land. He replied with a grunt of approval and I walked back to my camp to sit there.

I then saw three pairs of shining eyes in front of me, One was over ten feet tall, another was about eight feet tall and the last one was about two feet tall. I reckon that they were emissaries of the Dooligah, Yowie and Junjeri Peoples, as they have been guiding me on this journey, manifesting along the way, and these were spiritual guides and Elders.

They told me that they were watching from the Alter-Universe of  3D Hyperspace without needing to be there in the physical, so I could see their astral or alter-bodies and their eye shines let me know they saw me. But I had to first acknowledge the first Elder I met who is the local clan leader and physically lives in this actual territory I was in.

After this conversation, they vanish from my sight, but the local Elder became vocal and started walking around my camp in his invisible form. For nearly three hours I could hear his grunts, howls, foot falls, branches breaking, wood knocks, and then a huge tree falling, as he was slowly circling my camp counterclockwise. When he had been almost in a full circle around me, I heard his voice start to mumble into a conversation with another voice, which was then joined by a high pitch smaller voice joyfully hooting. I understood it was a female Elder and a child that had joined the male Elder and I thought I understood they were saying that I was well aware of them and did not seem afraid, which they felt very strange as they have been traditionally feared by local tribes.

They stayed for a while in front of me, reading my thoughts. I could see their outlines fading in and out and blurring the trees behind them, so I asked them if they had a message for me. They then became pretty silent apart from what I had already heard, but they didn’t like the camera, although I tried to explain my purpose in using it.

He then called out a loud goodbye and I heard them walk away. The next day, the surrounding fields that were full of kangaroos the day before were completely desert.

I tried to record all night images and sounds, but they usually happen so fast and when you get your camera ready, they go silent or fade out of view. It is harder to have an intimate encounter if the mind is not focused on living it in the moment and distracted by trying to document and share later with others. The next day I listened to the sound tracks and they all sounded messed up and unusable. This was the only time my new camera had this problem.

For this reason, experiencers stories remain the best source of knowledge about inter-species communications with non-human humanoids, like the Yowie or Sasquatch. Thanks to all who write to us, share or submit stories of their experiences with them.

Best blessings to all on your respective paths. Peace be with all…


14 thoughts on “Experiencer story in the Yowie Triangle, by Miranda Wells from Queensland”

  1. If you make this connection with them it is because they feel you are not a threat.you may be the people’s best chance to do something that will help us & them for both of our future.

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  2. I loved this story and found it comforting that others have no fear and can relax and enjoy interacting/communicating with these wonderful beings.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your stories from down under. To all our Dooligah, Junjeri and Yowie Brothers & Sisters we give greetings from the European grounds. Be well, be safe on your journeys…

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