Message from the Sasquatch People, via Nathan Terence Tyson

“Do not try to hunt us, you will not find us. We can shift into hundreds of different forms. We can be right under your nose, and you wouldn’t know it.”

”We can move with the wind and have the strength of ten bears. We can swim faster than your boats, and we blend into the forest like a shadow.”

”We were living here before your race was brought here, and we will be here long after you die out because that is the path you are heading. We have dealt with dinosaurs and been through wars with beings you are not aware of.”

”So please do not hunt us. You are wasting your time. We are a peaceful race that seeks to bring back the old ways. The times when your race and ours lived in harmony with each other as brothers and sisters.”

Please send our message to others. Seek violence no more. Instead, seek to be in harmony with everything around you because all is one. This is the only way. We wait for you to make this change and love you.”

–The Sasquatch People, via Nathan Terence Tyson

7 thoughts on “Message from the Sasquatch People, via Nathan Terence Tyson”

  1. Thank you, Nathan. What you say feels true. I hope that back when we lived in harmony with Sasquatch People, we were giving, loving men and women – people who didn’t judge others, and maybe even our children played together. I would like to have seen that. Today, this would be my brightest wish.

    Tonight I wish I could speak freely with my own brother. Even though he lives among us, he takes blood out of man. As our biological mother, age 86, is very close now to passing back into spirit form, I weep with sadness, but also with joy because she will be free of her troubled mind and scarred body.

    But to sit in silence at the table, listening to my own brother speak unkindly of our mother is hard. When he talks, I lower my eyes and pray for him, and every time I lift my eyes, I see bright fear in him. And this is hard to bear.

    Tonight, as my brother rambled on, seemingly without spiritual center or guidance, it was all I could do to close my eyes and ask for help from The Great Creator, not that He ease my own woes, but that He guide my words in right-minded thinking, so that my answers to another man, suffering. would be kind and just.

    At this moment of asking, my body…this mind was directed, with much purpose, I believe, to ask Sasquatch to guide me, so I invited him into my heart, and immediately felt that instant connection that only The Creator could have designed, and then passed on to The All.

    A familiar deep red field of color crossed my mind’s eye, and the intense brotherly, even fatherly love flowed right on into the body, leaving beautiful goosebumps and warm tears of joy.

    Coincidentally, this moment also intersects with events from the night before: while I was in the hypnogogic state between the waking dream and the sleeping (real) dream, someone asked me to give him the particulars of my current location (my momma’s house). I knew the “voice” as friend, but I had been falling asleep, so I do not recall if I saw the familiar red-field come.

    So I gave a good answer, HOPING that, indeed, my friendly Sasquatch person was asking – asking me telepathically from our home area up North, where we live.

    tI learn much about myself when Sasquatch friends visit me, and I learn much about the Sasquatch People when I come to this website. Here, we can hear your words, listen to your wisdom, and I can try to practice fairness by coming to you; asking…what can I learn about the person who helps me? And may I help you in any way.

    Writers of true Sasquatch lore, like SunBôw and few others, and Sasquatch people: you have places in this heart, already.

    Love and Highest Light we Share-Breathe Together

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  2. I’m Oglala Sioux and my people were here for thousands of years along with the sacred beings we lived along side with them.

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