Thermal images of a Yowie captured in Queensland in 2021

Thermal images of a Yowie captured in Queensland in 2021:

Australian Yowie Research shared a fascinating video to their YouTube channel in May 2021, in which a pair of large, unidentified humanoids were captured on thermal camera. The video was reportedly shot in April at Springbrook National Park on the Gold Coast in Australia, and according to researcher Dean Harrison, shows two “eight-foot-tall Yowies.”

Still frame from the thermal footage

The research team was led by Dean Harrison, who has been researching Australia’s Yowie for 25 years. According to Harrison, the heat signatures picked up by the thermal imaging correlate to two 8-9 foot creatures. The suspected Yowies, he says, apparently moved silently as none of the researchers noticed the creatures lurking in the dark nearby. “We wouldn’t have known if anything was there if it wasn’t for the thermal cameras,” Harrison marveled. When the group later looked at what their equipment had captured, he recalled, “we were ecstatic. This is probably the best footage so far in Australia.” He said one of the figures present in the video appeared to be “doing what Yowies do” and hugging a tree in an attempt to blend into the forest. “Two large Yowies appeared from behind [a] tree,” he said in his examination of the footage. “This one here is hugging the tree so he blends in so Buck can’t see him.”

Size comparison between Yowie and research team

Following the encounter, the Yowies reportedly returned to place markers on the spot where Buckingham had been standing while he shot the video. Harrison told the Courier Mail. “The markers were not there on our way in, and were not there at 2 a.m., but they were there at 6 a.m. on our way out.”

Assistant researcher Buck Buckingham, who recorded the video, said that he had been waiting for 20 minutes when he found “some action,” which seemed “peculiar,” going on around a nearby stump.

So, I need to zoom in. And the way these videos work is you need to stop videoing, and then zoom in or zoom out and start videoing again. So, I do that, but now I’ve lost the signature. And I’m looking left and right, and everything is so wobbly because the focus is so narrow, and it’s horrible. Until I find this heat signature and I just make myself still.

And this is what I see: two giant creatures emerge from the foliage and one is bending down to pick up something. I immediately let the team know what I’m seeing; something humanlike and big in the bushes.

I’m also trying now, because it’s filled up my monitor, to zoom back, and in the excitement, I’ve forgotten you need to switch off. So, the button I’m pressing now doesn’t zoom back, it just cascades through all these filters and it’s frustrating.

And I finally get it back onto the IR setting and then I’m going to zoom out, because I can’t see much. And I stop, and the same time I stop, Gary [Lynn] says, “I’m coming up to you, mate.” And whatever they were, they looked in Gary’s direction and just took off.

The creatures reportedly “made no noise when they entered [and] they made no noise when they left.”

Thermal image from Mississippi by Angela Ashton

Also present in the video was a thermal image captured in the Holly Springs National Forest in Mississippi by American researcher Angela Ashton.

Ashton was conducting research in the forest, said Harrison, when “with the camera in the black and white setting, she saw two Bigfoot in the tree line about a hundred yards away. Upon seeing her, one disappeared, running in a zigzag pattern, while another did what Bigfoot and Yowies do; it hugged a tree to disguise itself, so it couldn’t be seen…or so it thought.”

“When Angela first showed me this image, I was staggered; I was amazed,” Harrison said. “This, as far as I’m concerned, is one of the best still thermal images in the world.”

Harrison responded to those who don’t believe the footage could be real by saying, “I couldn’t care less if people refuse to acknowledge [Yowies’] existence. I’m not here to convince them, I’m here to provide the facts.”

Yowies are large, hairy bipeds said to roam the Australian Outback. Similar to the United States’ Bigfoot, these cryptids stand between seven to twelve feet tall, and have disproportionately large feet. Also similar to North America’s Bigfoot is the influence this strange beast has had on the culture of Australia’s indigenous inhabitants. The Aboriginal people were said to have warned early European settlers of aggressive, hairy wild men who lurked in the wilderness, and ancient cave paintings show huge, bestial figures towering over the island continent’s original natives.

Sources: Singular Fortean

See the Channel 7 report.

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Here is a detailed analysis of the footage:

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