Sasquatch and ET artist Su Walker

Sasquatch and ET artist Su Walker:

Our friend Su Walker, one of the ten artists who contributed to the Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch, has been producing some amazing artwork since 2017, specializing in portraits of Sasquatch individuals and Star People from her own channeled visions, as well as from descriptions of witnesses. Here is her information and a few of her videos.

From Su Walker: In 2017, the Sasquatch came to me with one simple request. Would you please draw us as we see each other, not as monsters. Five years and hundreds of sketches later, I am still learning about them. These are some of my favorites…

Some were commissioned, others done by interviewing a witness and doing a forensic sketch. Most were requested by the Sasquatch who chose their own poses and expression. If you have had an encounter and would like a forensic sketch done of the Sasquatch you saw, please email me at

On Twitter: @SandiaWisdom.

Originals can be purchase from my gallery on Facebook: ETPORTRAITARTIST.

There are lots of fun Sasquatch things also in our RedBubble Store.

To learn more about the Sasquatches telepathic contact, download the free Telepathy 101 Primer from the documents section of

7 thoughts on “Sasquatch and ET artist Su Walker”

  1. I LOVE your portrait drawings of these incredible beings!! The pictures make me feel as though I want to sit right down with them and share a conversation!!

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