New Message from Kamooh, transcribed by SunBôw

New Message from Kamooh, transcribed by SunBôw:

Last week I received a wonderful gift from our dear friend Su Walker: the original portrait of Kamooh she had painted exclusively for my Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch in 2019. She had spent several days painting it from my detailed description, making numerous corrections and adjustments at my request until the final result. I cannot say it is one hundred percent exactly as he has shown himself to me, yet a talented resembling rendition. I hung it on my wall, with a smaller print version over its top right corner, and adorned it with a few feathers recently received from Australia from my friend Cassie.

Art by Su Walker

Tonight, the emu feather over the smaller print of his portrait, and only it, has kept waving and floating up and down, although all windows are closed, there is not the slightest breeze nor any fan on in the house. I felt some kind of paranormal activity, like a strong electromagnetic field in the air and wondered if Kamooh was not trying to connect and teach me some telekinesis tricks, since when practicing this skill I had my best results with down or delicate feathers, being very light and made of antennas sensible to electromagnetic fields. So I joined in consciousness into the experience, focused my mind on the moving emu feather and realized that when focusing intention, I could help lift it up higher or swing side to side. From previous practice, I knew it does not work by imposing our will, but by involving it in an already existing process of manifested consciousness, with which it is preferable to cooperate.

By then I had connected in consciousness with Kamooh and knew he had been part of the process. This translates more precisely as connecting through telepathic channels with higher realms of collective consciousness in which our spiritual guides can communicate with us. I greeted him and asked him if he had anything to tell me. He confirmed that the channel can always be turned on when we tune in, and that it was up to me what time and energy I consecrate to listening and transcribing the channeled information. So, I consented to write some of his words if he agreed and this is what he said:

”Dear Little Brother, it has been a few years since we have last openly spoken to Humanity through you, as you have kept our communications and connections private and intimate at our request, and we thank you for that. The reason was to let the message we transmitted to Humanity through you do its own work, as it has a life of its own. Thus, you have noticed that it has kept reaching far and wide to an ever growing audience worldwide, with Book 1 retelling our first conversations being now available in four languages, with three more translations on their way that you know of, but yet there will be more. You also keep witnessing signs of a growing interest with requests for speaking and positive feedback.”

”You have found out as well that many of the revelations we asked you to transcribe have been since confirmed by countless sources old and new, and that the description of the fabrics of the Omniverse and of the dimensions you wrote from the information we gave you, namely in Book 2, have been since confirmed by the latest scientific discoveries. These revelations could keep unfolding endlessly, but we knew you had other missions to attend and other audiences to reach. So after the series of our Message to Humanity was completed, we assisted you in writing your Encyclopedia about us, namely my cousin Limptbataook, whom you introduced in Book 3, the Elder of the region you were living in, who befriended you and gave you samples of his white hair. As your research examined a bulk of literature on us since five millennia, including oral tradition and witnesses accounts, we are satisfied with its analysis and the conclusions drawn from a direct experiencer and communicator who knows us well.”

”Since you are a man of pen and letters, gifted with words, we have asked you then to complete your long term project of writing down your own life story and Shamanic Journeys, made of series of fantastic miracles and amazing blessings, along a path of spiritual growth with sacred teachings, mystical experiences and metaphysical explorations that can help bring insights and understanding to many.”

”We have witnessed with delight how you have carried with dedication this dharma of transmitting to humanity this heritage you were blessed with of sacred knowledge acquired from numerous sources. We praise how you accomplish this work not for fame or gain, since the format of those large volumes, each one bigger than the previous one, is not easy to commercialize nor much profitable, but you do it out of a sense of spiritual duty and a desire to transmit and share the best blessings life has given you. But there are some auditors who appreciate your work and support you with collaboration or donations. We appreciate to see you write your life story in your own words, without us telling it in your stead.”

”You should complete the third volume of this series this year and the next one next year, which should conclude this series. You know already that after this mission is fulfilled, you will be asked to disclose more information about your encounters and communications with non-human intelligence since over four decades by now. Meanwhile, you notice that your spiritual responsibilities are increasing, as you are asked to help on many levels an ever growing number of people and audiences, while attending family and private affairs, with involvements in local, bioregional and global communities, on the grounds as online. Thus, you have been provided with a quiet space to preserve your well needed focus and privacy. It will help you to remain centered and productive for the time being in an agitated world.”

”In this region where you now live, you have already been contacted by our local clan and met them three times in the forest. On your arrival you noticed that a previously opened portal in your home had been left unattended and used frequently by various entities. At first you had to dispel unfriendly presences as you have done before in other places, like the soul of a previous inhabitant who had stayed attached to this plane and lingered around the village graveyard, trying to intimidate you with noises. With your experience in this field, it was a minor issue to solve, but soon you wondered why certain entities kept coming by. Yet, not all visitors to your home were necessarily unfriendly, as you keep doing your prayers and ceremonies, asking for guidance and inviting your allies to join you in spirit.”

”So one night you saw a presence next to your bed in the form of a glowing cloud of smoke or rather a plasma body. You asked peacefully who it was, so I condensed my etheric body into the shape of my head and bust so you knew it was me. We bonded again in consciousness and I then showed you a vision of thousands upon thousands of your ancestors, knowing that just twenty generations ago, you had over one million ancestors. You saw cultures in countries you had not expected to be part of your ancestry, showing how little humans know of their own lineages. Yet, you all carry their genetic memories and ancestral karmas as your innate heritage, including their intergenerational traumas and unsolved issues, as well as their achievements and wisdom. I can read your genetic memory and decode it for you to understand its signification, while reminding you I am part of your ancestry myself. Since I have been here for hundreds of human generations, these akashic memories are easily readable for me.”

”While pondering about the meaning of this vision and processing its message, you learned that your blood brother was getting ready to take the long journey. Gladly you had conversations with him in which he told you that he was having dreams seeing the ancestors waiting for him, which reassured him about the continuity beyond. He sounded like he was having a great spiritual awakening, acknowledging a spiritual reality yet unknown. You told him that you were connected forever and once on the other side, he could send you his greetings, to which he agreed. Days later he joined his ancestors, the same ones you share with him. The following day, your father followed his son in the long journey to his ancestors, half of yours without the ancestors of your mother. Yet in the beyond, family ties dissolve between incarnations, only spiritual connections between souls ultimately remain.”

”About a week later, you brother visited your home in his astral body. You did not recognize him right away, as he first appeared as when he was a young man, but he then took his latest physical appearance. He was standing in the stairways pointing at his feet, which he had lost in his last years in the physical plane, signifying happily that he was now free of pain and restrictions. As agreed, he came to say his last goodbye, before ascending to higher planes. The full meaning of the vision was then assimilated.”

”Soon after, there was a long power outage one night and you looked to the sky, as you felt the presences of star visitors. You saw nothing, but some of your friends reported seeing lights in the sky that night from different locations nearby, with one mentioning a ship landing. That night, you were visited in your bedroom by three small humanoids barely three feet tall, with skinny bodies in tight black suits, large long heads and big black shiny eyes. They were friendly and told you they were the friends of your dear friend Su Walker, who confirmed it the following day, as she knows these Star Elders called P’nti, so you welcomed communication with them. They noticed the portal in your home and agreed that it was your choice to use it or not, but warned you that it should not be left open when unattended, as it had been originally opened carelessly, with unfocused, dubious, unclear intentions.”

”Although they manifested in their astral bodies, these small humanoids belong to a biological species, not to be confounded with the little greys you repelled on a military base in Australia and on Hopi land, who are rather biosynthetic mercenary drones involved in dark schemes with certain military intelligence and secret government agencies. The friendly ones who visited you were manning the ship that flew over your village that night, which they made visible for some of your friends to witness.”

”In the following weeks, you noticed that occasionally, some visitors kept coming in through the portal. Thinking as you were told, that you could make good use of the portal if managed carefully and wisely, you began using it as telepathic gateway to connect with various types of Star Elders. This had nothing to do with incantations or summoning, it was rather scanning the akashic libraries, like remote viewing through a screen or a window, or like browsing the universal web for an active communication channel. You wanted to know more about who were the numerous Star Elders you have met since decades who have contributed to your education. Of all the ships you have observed, the huge mother ship was the most intriguing, not only for its size and rarity, but because you have been taken aboard more than once in astral body to be taught cosmic knowledge and educated in spiritual matters and galactic affairs.”

”While inquiring through remote viewing about this mother ship, a Sasquatch-like Hairy Humanoid from a distant star system appeared in your room. You recognized him instantly as one of the teachers who had instructed you when on the mother ship. He agreed to introduce you to his leading Elders and three tall white humanoids appeared behind him. They are not related to the so-called Nordics, also called tall whites sometimes. These are about seven foot tall, with a long tall skull, small facial features, slim body and long thin limbs. Although a biological species, their bodies were shining like neon. They sit among the Eldest Elders of the Star Council, having reached high levels of spiritual understanding.”

”They are the same people than the one who visited you with me a few years ago by the Fraser River, after our ship flew over you and your friend while you were communicating with my Sasquatch relatives. They originate from Andromeda and are among the earliest Elders of the Omniverse, watching over a super-cluster of galaxies of which our Milky Way is part. They are among the engineers of the cosmos involved in the seeding and development of life and consciousness on numerous worlds. They are the conceivers and the ancestors of countless life forms and intelligent species including yours and ours, throughout vast expanses of the universe since millions of eons, so we honor them as our Elders. That night they revealed their identity to you as the ones piloting the huge mother ship you know, from which you returned with an implant that has kept growing since.”

”In the following nights, you had other star visitors of various types, namely a hooded reptoid of the hybrid-species of Lizard-People you had met before, whose civilization once flourished on Earth, but self-annihilated through wrong usage of technology. While shrouding his face in shadow to protect his anonymity, as you have seen them do before, he was rather taciturn and neutral, agreeing to mutual respect, being part of those among his people who abide by the cosmic protocols of non-aggression and non-interference, as opposed to the factions among them who commonly interfere in human affairs.”

”After this you were visited by a crew of three large insectoids, the one standing behind was an eight foot tall lilac-colored mantid and the two in front were six foot tall reddish brown insectoids whom you found resembled giant centipedes, as they had many legs along their armored bodies which moved around like snakes. They were standing upright and using their front legs as arms and claws as hands. Their moves were continuous, fast, random, unpredictable and seemingly nervous, and their presences felt intimidating and invasive, making you feel uneasy. You understood that they were the bodyguards and minions of the mantid behind them who was remote controlling them telepathically like puppets.”

”The light purplish mantid was moving slowly, watching intensely through its gigantic eyes every move of the interaction. You asked the mantid why it was visiting you with two soldiers apparently hostile. The mantis-like being replied that if you were not hostile, you had nothing to fear from these two servants frightening you, as they were well kept under its control. It added that this is how their society is structured and you would not have known without being shown. Their multi-species insectoid civilization is based on a natural hierarchy, with the dominant species on top controlling the others. For them it is the most efficient way to maintain a natural balance and harmony in their complex societies.”

”When you asked the mantid where they came from, there was a silence. Then you were shown quick glimpses of the inside of a large spaceship with advanced technologies, then the moon, and then flying through the galaxy towards the Orion Nebula and its stargates. The mantid told you their relatives are widespread throughout the galaxies, but it would not disclose their exact origins or whereabouts, nor the location their group came from, as a matter of security. Since you thought you posed no threat, you inquired about why the secrecy, so the two centipede-like guards became agitated and hissed, getting closer to you and intending to impress and reprimand you for your inquisitive question to the mantid.”

”You asked the mantid to calm down its two big bouncers who were not particularly pleasant to watch. But they kept pressing closer to you and over you to keep you paralyzed, while the mantid started scanning your memories to make you feel how uncomfortable it is to be investigated by an alien species, like you are for them. So you disagreed with the process and expressed discontent for this invasive psychic procedure. One of the centipede-like beings put its antennas on your forehead and made you feel a profound, appeasing love, and through this intermediary channel the mantid told you that they meant no harm to you, but this is their way to prove their psychic and hierarchic superiority. Being of a competitive nature due to their genetics, they do not like to be challenged nor confronted.”

”Although not the most pleasant encounter, being somewhat uncomfortable and challenging, it was not however traumatic nor overwhelming for you and it brought you a greater understanding of those beings we had taught you about before. After this last encounter, you were rightly guided to close the portal in your home. Portals can be opened and they can be closed. There has to be good reasons, clear intentions and the appropriate knowledge necessary to open a portal. As you have learned in Indigenous shamanic circles, like every good thing, a ceremony has a beginning and an end. The opening serves to open a door, a portal, to invite our spirit allies and guides to join us, while the closing is as important, to close the bridging portal, conclude the communication between realms and send the spirits back home.”

”Failing to send the spirits back home in peace after the communication or ceremony, might keep them bound and tiring on this side of the portal, thickening the electromagnetic fields, weighting down the local aura, as you have observed years ago on a land, where ceremonies took place on a regular basis. Locations where paranormal activity is abnormally high and concentrated are often cases of places where portals were once opened and left unattended, willingly or not, opening the way for intrusions.”

”To leave a portal open and unattended causes risks of quantum leaks or interdimensional unsupervised traffic, unless its boundaries are clearly anchored with strong protection prayers like the stones making a medicine wheel, a dream catcher or strings of prayers flags for instance, serving as filter of energies. It is like if you leave a door or window open for too long, your home will end up being invaded with bugs, mice and other parasites. Portals are not to be approached or used lightly. It takes an extended practice and understanding of the paranormal and spiritual realities to consider working with portals.”

”Likewise, a person who channels becomes a portal bridging realms, yet channeling is a ceremony in itself that has a beginning and an end, as rest is also necessary. It is essential for channels to know when they channel and what entities they channel. You have noticed that among the many who channel, including certain friends, there can easily be some erring and deviations when the channel remains open indiscriminately to any entity, without knowledge of the source, like if leaving a portal or the door of your home wide open at all times. Learning is infinite and always a good objective to pursue, but curiosity kills the cat. Still, all intelligent beings carry knowledge and if it is not always desirable to encounter them all, there is always something to learn from any experience, and one of the most important thing to learn is to treat all existence with respect and compassion, never with fear or hostility. Emotions are transmissible and must be mastered in order to develop peaceful inter-species communications in wisdom. Encounters that might seem terrifying for most are not for the faint of heart, but for dedicated ambassadors. This is what this series of described encounters had to teach you.”

”We have taught that the messages matters more than the messengers, as universal truth, knowledge and wisdom do not belong to those messengers who tap into them and transmit glimpses of the infinity. However, it is also adequate to acknowledge them who serve as messengers bridging the dimensions. For this reason we have been using your learning experiences and spiritual education as useful tools for the collective consciousness of those who have learned and benefited from these gifts you received.”

”Although rewarding mostly spiritually, it has been an exhaustive task to carry these channeled teachings into the human world and for this reason, as explained above, this channel will also be closed for the time being, while knowing it can always be opened and will be again, in due and diligent time. But before we close this portal with our last words and conclude this communication, which will be the last one shared publicly before some time, let us give our ultimate advice to the audience that has followed us this far, after which we will let you return to your current activities and continue working on this long term project you are accomplishing to share you walk on Earth among your human peers.”

”You have noticed that the control agenda of the lower lords is not working as well as they planned. There are continuous delays, resistance and pushback showing that they are not all as powerful as they pretend, that humanity is awakening and that there are other forces at work. Yet, the powers-that-be will not give up easily on their long term agenda and work of ages to bring about their global totalitarian rule. Be not afraid nor despaired, as you start to see the first light of dawn appearing on the horizon, but be aware of the lingering threat that keeps lurking in the dark, increasing its attacks on the star seeds.”

”They will not stop attempting at your souls and freedom, trying to turn you into submitted robotized cyborgs and drones serving their A-i run artificial matrix, until their rule becomes part of past history. Their next assault will be directed at the resources guaranteeing your very survival, like food and water. It is a good precaution to start stockpiling food reserves, even a better idea to begin developing survival skills outside of the controlled system, unless you surrender to become expandable livestock in a mass depopulation agenda devised to cull out the naturals deemed non-essential for a transhumanist society. All forms of coercion will keep being deployed increasingly to implement their final cyborg agenda.”

”In the last stage of their takeover, the lower lords will launch again their deadliest dirtiest weapons upon humanity, with some of the latest technologies they have received from their alien masters to alter human DNA and destroy the environments you depend on for your sustenance, in order to ruin this home-planet and force the resisting elements to surrender their freedom of consciousness and souls. The years coming are the most crucial turning point for humanity in which you must make sure to make the right choices as individuals, as the future destiny is being decided and not all will make it.”

”After this final rush to take over the world, the lower lords will only succeed in conquering parts of it, excluding where the naturals will have survived from Nature in isolated pockets and communities scattered around the world. As long as some keep their consciousness free from the imposed bondage, the lower lords will fail. There will always be greater powers watching over, to protect and support you. The artificial cyborg society depending on frail technology for its existence will soon collapse, as it is unsustainable, but it will have caused a split within humanity that will evolve into two factions and eventually into two different species, each with their own evolution and different destiny. This way, humanity is repeating the same ancient karma inherited from the reptilians that is still lingering today.”

”The Earth seems vast to you, yet it is a small planet, a microcosm mirroring the bigger cosmic picture. This home-planet has its own perimeters, but it answers to the same universal laws applied everywhere. The wars in the heavens has been brought down to this physical world, where it is about to culminate. The ultimate showdown is approaching faster than you see it coming, with the victory of peace on the horizon. But it is far from over and the rest of the journey until reaching freedom on Earth will be the most challenging you have yet experienced. You will need to abide by faith and remain centered in your conscience to find guidance and know what to do in any given situation and through hardships.”

”Meanwhile, our relatives from the stars and from interdimensional realms will keep manifesting themselves increasingly to a growing number of contactees who will contribute in ever larger amounts to the disclosure of information regarding our cosmic relatives. This still marginalized and too often ridiculed, yet most direct form of contact with non-human intelligence will gradually become accepted by more and more humans and transform your collective consciousness, preparing it for first official contact. This will not happen with the powers now ruling human societies, nor will disclosure, but with grassroots communities growing worldwide that will develop their own protocols and ways to establish contact and communications with non-human intelligence with the guidance of inter-species communicators. Be aware of the fake disclosure by the deceivers, the breakers of promises and laws.”

”The people who have developed their psychic abilities and spiritual gifts, like the shamans of old, are always the ones dedicated to bridge the worlds and dimensions, acting as ambassadors for humanity. Make sure you stay connected with your spiritual allies, the humans who walk the path with you, offering mutual support and empowering one another in accomplishing the respective assigned tasks. These are the ones who will walk each other home across the storms, for some of us to make it through. Developing an alternative economy and fair ways of trade based on sharing and cooperation, these allies will develop together a better sustainable and equitable society on a planetary scale, that will rise and flourish after the great cleansing and replenish the Earth, to build a truly planetary civilization.”

”The lower lords’ powers are temporal and limited. Acting against universal law cannot last forever. The further away from the universal law an uncivilization gets, the faster it declines, decay and perishes. Hence, you should rejoice to see the escalation and fastening of their agenda, as it is their last desperate attempt to override the spiritual evolution of humanity, which is also unfolding faster in reaction to the pressure and in the end will prevent them from winning. Do not fall for the myth that all will ascend in this generation or a near future timeline. The goal is not to ascend into blissful blindness above the world you are given to evolve in, but to rise into higher consciousness and greater spiritual responsibility to help attend its caretaking, development and protection. There could be many more generations of true humans that will inhabit this home-planet and maybe eventually others for eons to come, or there might only be a few left, this could even be the last, depending on your actual choices and decisions for your collective human destiny. Act wisely, teach by example. Truth sets you free, so let it be heard openly.”

”Thus, this will be our last words for now Little Brother, with which we will send our blessings to those who have heeded our message. We will now let them and you return to your human errands and current occupations, in your case to continue nurturing an international network of connections through various channels, while completing the rendition of your biography for the interested readers. The rare episodes like this one in which you disclose publicly deeper messages we send you will be sporadic from now on, until you have completed your actual long term project to assure your literary career with a wider audience. We will return later to assist you in compiling additional and more detailed information about our star relatives and cosmic affairs. But as every good thing, this channel now comes to an end. May all beings rejoice in the intrinsic unity binding all life into One Consciousness.”

9 thoughts on “New Message from Kamooh, transcribed by SunBôw”

  1. Thanks Sunbow and Kamooh for sharing the info on taking responsibility for Portals .It was quite timely, as a friend had been talking about a portal in her front garden (where an old oak tree once stood) . And her 9 year old son has been trying some healing on her recently .He is quite sensitive to Spirit .She also mentioned a lot of tapping going on which she thought was just her neighbor next door being annoying ,but perhaps it could be the activity from the portal being open .My friend has experienced psychic activity in her home and at other places where she has lived in the past .I might suggest to her to look at this Message from Kamooh in regard to the Portal.
    I was also interested in the other Star Beings which came through .The Mantis reminded me of the Insect Being from the film Ender’s Game ,which is a sci fi film where a young boy is being trained to fight an Insect Race that they believe threatens Earth .The boy slowly realizes he has a special psychic link with one of Insect Queens .
    Another Sci fi that has an interesting message is the Arrival .Which has septopod beings which have come to earth, and a linguist is part of an American team that wishes to communicate with the beings .As the linguist learns to understand their writing and begins to share a dialogue with the aliens she becomes aware of flashes of her future .This is the effect on her brain of learning the language of these beings, and it is a gift to Humanity that they needed to give in order that Humanity could assist these Aliens in the future ,for the good of all .This effect of learning an Alien language reminds me of The Wingmakers account that came out 25 years or so ago .The original article I came across in Nexus magazine .
    I do feel that the veils between the worlds are lifting .And time is more stretchy and multilayered .Is it that we are becoming more aware of Ancient Alien contact or are they travelling through time and seeding the past with anomalous artifacts ?.
    I see it from the stand point of my own experiences ,that my past is still actively informing my present and future .And my Older self is sending, to her younger self ,guidance and support just by being centered .
    Its very important to be able to shift our sense of self out of our usual boundaries ,and contact with other Star Beings helps us to Shift our assemblage point more easily as a Collective Humanity.
    Thanks for your Footsteps in the Wild Places.

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    1. Thanks for your interesting insights Silva Wood Sprite. Indeed, there are many correlations and connections with several sources. The contactees accounts often confirm each other and describe different beings in similar terms.

      The beings described above from my visions/encounters are among the most often encountered by contactees. Their origins and histories are well detailed in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series. These were not my first contacts but my latest, yet particularly intense ones.

      I used Mantid or Mantis-like, as they do not look exactly like mantis physiologically, but their appearance has a close resemblance to those insects.

      Thanks for your encouraging feedback. Your comments are always welcome…


  2. Thank you for sharing Brother. Where I live in Colorado, we call the Sasquatch people “The Wise Ones”. I first became aware of them in a remote forest in Oregon. They have been pivotal in my spiritual evolution. What a wonderful time to be here. The have so much to teach us. Shalom to you and yours

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