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Contacts with clans around Boston, by Alok Lawrence

Contacts with clans around Boston, by Alok Lawrence:

To SunBôw True Brother: So my name is Alok Lawrence, I have been in a relationship with Sasquatch families since March 4th and it happened very fast. I recognized what I was walking into from the start. As according to the Star people who told me through a direct experience, that I have been one of them before (my Great grandmother on my mom’s side was full bloodied Cherokee) but I had work to do clean up the family legacy.

And so, with other encounters behind me, I recognized the game was up for me. I walked right into a step up that I was invited into. So, within 16 hours I knew that it happened (at 3:30 pm the walking into what felt like a portal) right down the road from the edge of a very wealthy town in the Boston metro area (a five-minute walk).

So, since I am now in connect with two clans, (I am not sure if they are related; with what I was shown, the ones in town are smaller but both groups maybe smaller) as the latter one is right in town about a mile and a half from Cambridge, but I know I need guidance on this as the ones in town are quite assertive and since I came into the picture both of them have been empowered as well as I have, but people around here have either never heard of them or think it’s psychotic which I know is no fantasy. I have convinced a few friends who are psychotherapists’ healers, even though sometimes the road has been bumpy they have worried for me like what have you gotten yourself into now.

But I am loved by those folks so it’s fine. I am not sure weather I am reading the situation right with them or I just ignored it and kept on feeding them twice a week to feed them something besides trash. The plants are ready to be eaten as the ones outside of town are right by organic farmers and apple orchards so, I can lay off. It is a family of three, they do have a youngster. But the ones in town showed, I believe, they are a clan of ten, which is like way too many to feed.

Anyways I need to move in a month or so, how do I let them know I have to go, and it may not be close to here, so this may have to stop. The ones in town specifically wanted chicken or fish. They came to the place where I am living and that’s where I will put a pause on this story and wind down for now. If you can be of help that would be great.

Ginny Jablonski who appeared on the Pork and Beans show is who referred me to you. I did contact Dr. A. Johnson as well and spoke with him for about 45 minutes so, but the more he talks, the more I realize he’s a redneck of sorts, though very kind. And if not, well I will manage with the selfless self as guide. Thank you for your time and attention.

SunBôw’s reply: Greetings Alok, thank you for sharing your experience with our readers. The Sasquatch rarely hang out around cities in their physical form. They most often manifest in such an urban environment in their astral form or on a telepathic level, which seems to be the case with your experience, from what I understand, as you also have communications with the Star People. If you were one of them previously, as they told you, it could explain your predisposition in connecting with them and why they reach out to you.

They can contact us on higher planes wherever we are, and if they do, it is usually an invitation to communicate further. This invitation always comes with optional exits, allowing us to opt out anytime we wish to end the contactee process. They usually reach out to teach those few willing to learn, and to do spiritual work like for instance, cleansing ancestral karmas or sites, as they are the greatest shamans walking on this Earth of which they are the caretakers. So as you approach them or the places where you hope to meet them, it is a good idea to bring in your prayers and healing ceremonies.

We must realize that on the astral plane and in higher dimensions, consciousness is a non-local phenomenon, so it can manifest beyond the linearity of physical space-time limitations. There might be physical locations where it is better suited to have contacts, even within the vicinity of a city. It could be because those places are dear or sacred to them, even if cities have been built over. It might also be that these locations are better attuned to certain energy lines or vortices, appropriate for opening portals, which can be opened and closed at will with the proper understanding and higher consciousness. In fact, we can become ourselves a portal bridging realms, so they can reach us anywhere.

Hence, if you move to another place, the connection doesn’t have to be lost. Maybe they contacted you where you are in order to continue further communication where you will be moving, as they see past and future. It might be an even better place for contacts, especially if further away from downtown. Once we understand this multidimensional reality, the surroundings don’t matter as much as the inner environment we cultivate.

However, exploring the astral realm is no to be taken lightly, as it includes certain risks. There are entities who are unfriendly and even threatening, some might even pose as Sasquatch or other light beings to deceive or mislead. Thus, it takes the proper guidance, teachings knowledge and understanding to safely expand our consciousness into other realms. This skill is learned through experience, and from the understanding of those of have the experience. Sadly, it is very hard to find valuable guidance in this field of multidimensionality, as initiates are very few and only a small number have opened their consciousness beyond the materialistic paradigm ruling our societies.

At the same time, since those realities are generally denied or misunderstood, those who carry knowledge about the spirit world or other dimensions tend to remain low profile. The true teachers manifest when the learner is ready, but until then they’ll go unnoticed.

My guidance came mostly from authentic Native Elders and medicine people who experience and understand these realities, but most are hard to find and don’t advertise online or on tv. They are met in private medicine circles. The best resources and assets to assist in the understanding of Sasquatch, Star People or other paranormal phenomena, come from either shamanic traditions that have known about these realities for generations, or from first hand experiencers who realize the multidimensional nature of existence and embrace its manifestations. The true disclosure comes from them, since materialist science and governments are still in the dark and clueless, unable to provide satisfying explanations to paranormal phenomena like Sasquatch and Star People.

The best way to recognize Sasquatch is from their energy through practice, as you say they are loving folks. Anyhow, whether Sasquatch or any other beings, telepathic communications should never be pursued if it is not in a spirit of mutual respect and peaceful cooperation, without any intrusion or solicitation from either party.

Sasquatch are free and autonomous, they don’t need us to feed them, but can accept our offerings as a sign of friendship. The only time one asked me what gift I had brought him and his clan, was when I spent a night on a wild mountain top in the Yowie Triangle in NSW, just to pay my respect, as I was camping on his trail in his backyard so to speak. We can exchange all kinds of material gifts with them, as with any friends, yet the most precious form of exchange is the useful knowledge, understanding and consciousness, imparted through telepathic contact. Nothing is more significant for our evolution.

The most famous names in the ”Bigfoot world” are most often clueless about who the Sasquatch really are and what are their abilities. Apart from the crowds searching in vain since decades for a big ape that doesn’t exist, there has been in recent years an increasing number starting to accept the paranormal aspects that always come along with Sasquatch or Star People. Yet among them, there are still many if not a majority who are afraid of Sasquatch for lack of direct experience and understanding of their abilities, given that so many unfounded rumors and twisted tall tales and scare stories circulate.

From what I heard from Dr. Johnson, he started understanding the paranormal aspects of Sasquatch just a few years ago, but he seems to consider them as dangerous Nephilim, or frightening monsters to be avoided and feared. This approach via a horror genre if certainly most widespread, popular and better at moneymaking than promoting a peaceful approach. Obviously, that interpretation is contrary to my own experience with multiple close encounters and regular contacts since over forty years, and from the accounts of hundreds of first hand experiencers I have met so far.

In fact, the Sasquatch will reflect our thoughts back at us, so if we approach them with fear or hatred, it will be a frightening, traumatic experience that we will hate, but if we approach them with respect, peace and with a loving heart, we will be blessed back accordingly. This is one of their most important teachings guiding us to work on ourselves and on our attitude first, before seeking or attempting any contact.

I hope these few insights can help you to assimilate and understand your experience. These questions are explained in much greater details in my books, whose links are found on the homepage of my website. You can also find a lot of information and insights browsing through over 800 posts on the SCENIC website, including over 300 experiencers accounts. As you request, we can do a private consultation if needed, whether through zoom or messenger. I don’t put a price tag on my services, but accept donations for the time and energy exchange. Best blessings on your quest…

7 thoughts on “Contacts with clans around Boston, by Alok Lawrence”

  1. Greetings Alok Lawrence:
    First, thank you Sunbow Truebrother, for posting this.
    Yes, Boston, Massachusetts has strong parallel portal time lines. In the 1980’s I was in the Sommerville, Cambridge, Brookline areas. Atok & Sunbow, this was during my active Law enforcement time period. When I arrived here, many street lights would go out when walking or driving past them. Atok, your time 03:30 PM is important. Below link connects To a Dr. John E Mack.

    Thank you, both of you for helping me close this timeline. Not all accidents are accidents. Recent Communication to Sunbow about my own personal vehicle being tampered with.
    Too much to say. This story connects to Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvantz from Orange NJ. Whose family died in an orchestrated vehicle accident, but he miraculously survived.
    Also a Dr. Richard Boylan who woke me up to a connection to Sasquatch and his Galactic home planets in the M1 (Crab Nebula) that were destroyed. Sasquatch were placed here. On July 4th there are records of this by China’s Sung Dynasty’s Royal Astronomers.


    Alok, you seem to be very empathetic. You are on the right website. Sunbow Truebrother, kelly Rainbow Butterfly and Jack Lapseritis has provided all information that you will need. Please take this as message to check your vehicle very thoroughly before your departure.
    With Unconditional Love.
    Frank Balducci Jr

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  2. Greetings Atok (LAWRENCE) and Sunbow. This just came across to me heavy spirit of Dr. John E Mack. Dr John E Mack worked at Harvard University , not far from where you live Atox. Yes, Atox, you are being contacted. You just can’t make this up. This link for his work of ( A Prince of Our Disorder , a biography of British officer TE (LAWRENCE) also known as (LAWRENCE) of ARABIA..!!
    Again, accident? Or murder?

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  3. Atok LAWRENCE and Sunbow Truebrother. Something is now awake. Do not know if you got the other links. Thinking it may not be an accident.
    Below by John E Mack. Audio. Term Experiences are used.

    [audio src="http://johnemackinstitute.org/media/mack_bbcradio4.mp3" /]

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  4. Sunbow Truebrother and Alox (LAWRENCE). I thought about another connection to the surname. My wife encouraged me to share it, for this was the start of my journey for the protection of the messengers 20 + years ago.
    Sunbow you have articles on this website about the Sasquatch and extraterrestrial connection.
    Sasquatch are the Caretakers of this planet, solar system and beyond. Another writer below (LAWRENCE) R Spencer. He transcribed the book, “ALIEN INTERVIEW ” below a link of his. The opening statement says it all.
    Connect with Ariel the Domain pilot and Dr John E Mack’s story of African Zimbabwe 62 children Ariel incident.

    With Unconditional love and respect.
    Frank Balducci Jr
    We are all One.


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