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Experiencer account by Paulo Montague from NSW, Australia

Experiencer account by Paulo Montague from NSW, Australia:

I have one of these beings on the land I’m staying in Australia. I’ve heard him many times. One night, I went outside due to nature calling toilet break; he was standing 40 feet away. He grunted twice and walked off into the night, I saw his red eyes at 10 feet height! The next day I had a look where he was standing, looking for footprints, but the ground was very hard, so no luck. But that area was 18 inches lower, which would make him much taller! Another night, I was outside with a small spotlight, shining it in many directions and the dam across from the house area seemed to have hit a nerve, after shining it at his direction without seeing him. But he let out such a loud growl, I though best to go back inside, sort of spooked me a bit chill!

I’m in the southern highland’s region, Canyonleigh, NSW ! Over the 4-year period I’ve lived here, I heard him a few times during early morning around 2 .30 am, saw signs of small trees, arm size, snapped off at 6 foot in parts of the property, with one positive sighting of him standing 30 feet away in the night, only seeing his red eyes at 12 foot high, then walking off and disappearing! 

Artwork: Andy Fil

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