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Experiencer account by Susanne Feix from Germany

Experiencer account from Germany, by Susanne Feix:

Dear Sasquatch Community, Thank you for your information. I got to know you through wordpress. I have been subscribing to you for a while. I was unsure whether to believe this information, but inside I accepted it immediately.

I live in a small village in Germany. In the south. The village is called Gundelsheim-Bachenau. I often go into the forest. Sometimes I see the beings of nature in my visions at night. Once someone was very fast and he left big footprints. It reminds me of Bigfoot. In the same forest here in this place I heard calls. I have not identified them until today. I thought it might be a forest animal. I could imagine a Sasquatch seeking contact. I will make an effort and keep an open mind. In this forest the other day, the trees seemed like redwoods, much bigger than normal. That could also have to do with the presence of a Sasquatch or another being.

I hope you and your community are well.
Kind regards
Susanne Feix

SunBôw’s reply:

Greetings Susanne, 

Thank you for sharing your experience…  Indeed, Europe has a long history of wildmen and Wodewoses since Antiquity and the Middle-Ages. See link: 

There are also modern reports, experiencers and research groups in Europe, as an example: 

It sounds like they might be starting to contact you. They can manifest anywhere, but they have favorite places. It’s up to you now if you choose to continue further communication with them and get to know them first hand. Here a few tips to develop communication with them. Best blessings on your quest…

Susanne’s reply:

Dear Sasquatch community,

Thank you very much for contacting me. I am very happy about it. You are welcome to publish anything I write about my encounters in the forest. You can write my name. 

I read your tips on how to establish contact with Sasquatch.

Your reports have given me the idea of a Sasquatch in the forest.

I would like to tell you something else: There is a fireplace where I like to sit. Behind me a tree crashed down from the hill. 2 times a wild boar ran across my path very fast.

I walk a lot alone through this forest and observe every sign. These incidents were loud, I didn’t get scared. I was quiet. The wild boars must have been startled. I wondered what had happened. Now I think, since a sasquatch is bigger, things might have happened by accident or to make me think about it.

I often sit on tree trunks and let the forest take effect on me. I seek communication with the beings there. One being could be felt next to me. I continue to use telepathy.

Thank you very much,

Kind regards


Artwork: Charles A. Guthrie

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