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Experiencer account by Richard Taylor

Experiencer account by Richard Taylor:

I was told some years ago, that you can be marked by the Big Guys. No matter where you go, they will know who you are and what you stand for. If your intentions are to harm them, or their interests, your chances of successfully having a clear encounter are from slim to none. I can’t say if this is true or not. What I do know is I have been extremely successful interacting with these elusive subjects and on multiple occasions and they have gone out of their way to initiate contact with me. As to how this came about and why, I have no earthly idea. Some things in life will never provide you clear answers.

There are several established research groups across the U.S. that openly promote killing one of the Big Guys. Most convey this is strictly a science endeavor (Harvest a specimen) and for the protection of these subjects. I personally don’t buy into that malarkey and feel pride and seeking fame and fortune are the primary motivating factor in these ventures. As far as I know, none of these groups have been successful after several years of organized field work.

I have related this story in the past, I just do not keep track of when or where I shared it. This may have been my first close encounter with the Big Guys, but I was way too young to remember it. All my information on this came from my mother and my now deceased, older brother.

I was but a tiny infant traveling back to my mixed blood Cherokee grandfather’s house on horseback. It was late at night after attending a country church service located in the city of Uniontown, Arkansas. My mother was holding me in her arms as we rode on horseback with my older brother sitting right behind her on the horse. My grandfather walked in front leading the horse as he and his current wife (My full blood grandmother was deceased) walked along the marked trail back home.

My grandfather’s cabin was across the state line and in the unincorporated area of Short, Oklahoma. There are still dense, heavily wooded areas stretching along Lee Creek that winds through there. We were traveling on a thickly wooded trail with no light source, but my grandfather knew it well and had no trouble making his way home. He had traveled it many times before.

My mother recalls hearing something at some point in the woods that began to follow us. It slowly came closer to us. She immediately thought of wolves and became terrified but did not say anything. My older brother remembers being the last one on the horse and looking back at the sound of the noise and hugging my mother tighter.
At one point, my grandfather paused and curiously looked back for a time but did not seem too concerned and moved on telling his wife to “Keep walking”. My mother recalls this movement came closer beside us and sounded very big in the thick brush.

My grandfather stopped several more times to look in the near pitch dark then would move on. This thing would stop when we stopped then move on when we did. At some point it quit following us and we made it safely home much to the relief of my mother.

My mother often related to us kids of being followed by wolves in the Oklahoma/Arkansas woods. It wasn’t until I was well into my experiences with the Big Guys that I considered this may have been my first “What in the world was that!!?” moment. I will never know for sure, but it is one of several instances in my life where it is possible, they have been close to me, and I never knew it.

Artwork: Mike Paterson, Sasquatch Ontario

3 thoughts on “Experiencer account by Richard Taylor”

  1. Thank you for sharing your contact experiences. Though I don’t live near large forests and unpopulated landscapes (living in Devon, England), I do feel the Presence of Otherworldly beings from time to time. Experiences that don’t fit into everyday world routines, help remind us that we are all Souls here on Earth, living a human experience for a while. Every now and then the magic light puts a special glow on what we are experiencing to remind us of our Truth and Inner Power

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    1. I can attest to the validity of this. In Sub Bow’s “Sasquatch Messe to Humanity”, Kamooh tells us that as part of “The All-One”, what one Sasquatch knows, all Sasquatch know. If one has watched your actions, felt your intentions, has heard your inner thoughts, and heard you speak to them when you cannot see them but know they are in your vicinity, they know a lot about you. When you go out into the home in the forest and you are respectful of their home…being quiet, so you can enjoy nature as it is intended to be, not shooting the place up, keep clean campsites and “Leave No Trace” of your having been there, and picking up the trash left by others and being good stewards of the land…they know your heart and respect for them and their home in nature.

      I had numerous interactions in Washington State, moved 3,800 miles to the southeast, and they followed me or at least others were aware of my presence and continued their subtle activities which let me know they were still near.

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