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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 5)

Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 5):

This Part 5 completes this series of selected comments from a viral post about Sasquatch by the Indigenous Life Movement, with again astounding witnesses testimonies and tribal knowledge about our hairy Elder relatives. View Part One, Two, Three and Four for more enlightening insights. Best blessings to all beings…

KW: I have seen one once and known one was in my area once. He exists.

KC: My oldest son sees spirits and when he was younger, he would always talk about this creature in the woods. We live on the East Coast, but he was always happy to be in the woods.

KB: They have beliefs too, they have a conscience as well… My husband saw one a couple times… And they communicate telepathically… Interesting beings.

NN: Hmmm that explains a lot, being a multidimensional being… That’s why there is sign, but rare views.

BL: I’ve seen it. My brothers have been chased by it or either it was just following us home, because we laughed and freaked out when it would follow us, smiled at me too when I saw in the moonlight, while it was running like it was gliding across the field. That was weird.

SS: They have been seen by very reliable witnesses near Joseph, Oregon.

CC: Good morning. My many years of being out on the land, I respectfully show regard and respect, show acknowledgement as needed. The Bigman has come near me several times, only to warn and help me with life. Have a great day People.

LNB: We always remember him, with a plate of food, he needs it also for hard times.

LEG: I believe they like hypnotize you if you see them… Strangely, I saw one juvenile 6 or 7 foot cross a highway over on 140, close to Chiloquin, Oregon. In three steps (he) started to walk towards us, but kept on the side of the highway like he knew to stay off the highway. He walked four steps before he thought this isn’t right, because the headlights spooked him, turned around two steps and leaped up into the trees. I first didn’t believe, I thought it was a man in suit. (I) should have known my dad was always right: he’s real. He talked about him all my life growing up, (I) just didn’t believe and was tired of my dad saying he’s real… Until I saw him myself… I say finally. My husband also saw him, he was driving, I kept my eyes on him… He does look very human in his face, the eyes black… I say hypnotized because it took me and my husband about 2 minutes to say… ”Did you see that?”… Wow! I still pass by there, but it was pretty dark, about 7 PM. So (I) can’t pinpoint the spot. When I first told my dad, he looked at me like: ”I told you they’re real!” lol… Today I laugh with my dad saying I should have followed him, but at the time we were driving too fast, 60 miles/hr… a lot of trees, if we had stopped, I just wouldn’t know where he leaped in. I say leaped because as my eyes watched his every move, I saw him not jump but leap like a deer into the high trees, it was a little steep. I’ll never forget that day (in) 2014. And I say juvenile because the bigger ones stay hidden. They won’t be walking and showing themselves very often, wiser not to laugh, but this one seemed like he was out for some kind of adventure… He was black.

NNQ: Growing up, I was always told this story, it goes. One day a man and woman were in the woods, when a Sabe came and took the woman. The man was heartbroken, as he couldn’t save her. The woman returned two years later with a story to tell. The Sabe took her to his home and gave her warmth and comfort. He spoke to her and said “The reason I brought you here, was to help save my blood line”. The woman being traditional and all proceeded to help. And after the baby was born and was taken care of for a year, the Sabe took her back to the same spot he took her from. That’s the story I grew up with. Still hear it from my Kukom once in a while.

LE: I’ve always believed that the existence of these people is real. They are who there are.

PP: Yes he is, always looks in the window.

MTL: That’s it. I’m praying for healing from these beings.

SD: I saw him as a child and often wondered why… Anyone??

PAB: I saw him five times. Each time was wonderful.

AE: When my mother in law was a very very young child, there was a mystical being who would be there, then be gone. They called him Old Black Joe. The very few who ever were blessed enough to touch him talked about his fur being coarse. I want to see him or her. I would not hurt them and would not allow anyone with me to hurt them. I would protect them with my own life if I had to.

WF: We knew him well, back in the days.

MM: I need the help of my Big Brother!

TF: Yes, I believe. I’ve seen one myself. I hope they never catch one, they will only torture it and experiment on them.

JT: There is so much more to life than the creations of Hollywood. I’d say yes.

MB: I saw a teen creature and felt its mom present. The feeling that you’re being watched by something big. My arm hairs literally stood straight up.

BP: A body isn’t needed to see Him. In my experiences, it’s been more of a feeling. My neck hair, arm hair, leg… all of it, just stood up. For a period of five or so minutes, my senses seemed heightened. I could hear everything, smell the earth, just felt in touch. I knew I was being watched. The only other time that happened was when a cougar was stalking my son and I. Like I said, it’s not always a sighting. It’s ok to believe.

AT: They are a spiritual being. They are called “The Helpful Spirits”. Some one said one time. Spirits of yester years, past far away. Maybe? Wanka wa hope p la. I can’t spell it correctly. But that was the Sioux words the man used.

DW: Very interesting and I believe in them. All cultures have similar stories.

MGS: Aho. Hecetuyelo… It’s all true… Interdimensional time traveler… Can go forward or backward in time… Protectors of the sacred. Protectors of unci maka. The first nation people. They appear when they need to.

BD: Now I understand the Sasquatch. I always wondered.

LW: I have seen & heard these big bros! They left me a gift! I hope they continue! Glad I wasn’t alone though. A deer skull in high grass when I just picked up trash there. A cool grass wrapped thing. A racoon skull, but how I got it was really weird!!!!

RL: You leave something for him always.

RP: He is magic to me. Love to sing my songs with him. We have a special love for one another.

LA: That’s so true. I was telling a friend about this and how he came and spoke to him. All that is said about him here is a reality.

JR: I believe he can come in your dreams as well.

CN: Nice to know. The big man as your spiritual existence.

JD: Awesome. I was just talking about the old one last night.

LS: I came across one while hunting elk, I have never been in that area again. The growl, scream was unreal.

JW: I have seen him quite a few times… scary each time… decided to leave well alone.

MC: The are pretty much around and I have always believed that they travel all around and they need to be afraid of people, the ones who are curious and want to know if they exist. Just let them be and they just want to be left alone.

RW: (I) saw one when I was fourteen. He comes and goes by my house. We hear him out in the woods.

RL: They’re real, we saw and heard one on patrol once. Entered our dreams.

SGWH: I am Choctaw, we call him Shampe.

DW: “The Lakota usually call him the big man.”

AP: Manetowiwa, he is god-like…

JD: The teacher.

MS: The elder brother, both spirit and body, ever-waiting as the coming of new day, antlers branches, people trees, and the shepherd many know but only in part, here again even as a warning unto the corrupt…

DS: My mom saw him.

MH: So the big man is shaskauh or as they say bigfoot. I believe spiritually in them, there is many different ones. Thanks for sharing knowledge and beliefs people do have, show respect for wooded areas and the animals, it’s mother nature saying disrespecting me and just like (the) young lady saying she (was) saved from assault, that’s amazing. Thanks for sharing it…

KLM: I always knew there was a spiritual connection with BigFoot and the Indigenous Peoples (First Nations). Every culture tells myths of this fascinating creature/spiritual being including Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksika/Kainai/Peigan and S. Peigan) (Browning, MT).

LC: My people here in Oklahoma have talked of these beings… I’m glad not one has been caught, they are very wise and smart… The white man laughs at these, saying they are made up stories… If that was true, why are there so many thousands of stories of this?…

Artwork: Raven Hawk

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