Search for Australia’s Bigfoot, documentary

Reblogging this post from a couple of months ago, having just found a link for free viewing of the full documentary on Youtube…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Search for Australia’s Bigfoot, documentary:

This 2020 one-hour documentary presents an interesting and honest research, with some of the most famous researchers in Australia like Gary Opit and Yowie Dan. Although using a conventional approach and pursuing rather mainstream theories, the encounters documented and the evidences recorded (footage, footprints, sound tracks, eye shine, tree structures, broken trees…) are very similar to what I observed and experienced in the Australian bush, minus the gifting exchanges and telepathic communication. This expedition took place in the Blue Mountains, around the Megalong Valley and Solitary Peak, a region I explored for three months, famous for its paranormal activity and encounters, including with the Yowie and the Bunyip.

A clear capture of eye shine is seen at 37m09s, although not mentioned and apparently unnoticed by the researchers.

The only platform I found for its free viewing is on Tubi…

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