A Case Against an Elusive Fugitive

We could wonder why would Sasquatch want to put down cable cars? Are they perceived as encroaching on the wilderness habitat? Invasive technology scarring the landscape? Then we could wonder, who else would want to see those cable cars gone?


Big Fur: World Champion Taxidermist from Alberta Reconstructs a Sasquatch

Big Fur: World Champion Taxidermist from Alberta Reconstructs a Sasquatch: This documentary follows an award winning taxidermist who built a Sasquatch model from the Patterson footage and witnesses accounts. Particularly interesting after 27 minutes.


Bigfoot teachings, by Algonquin Elder Michael Bastine

Bigfoot teachings, by Algonquin Elder Michael Bastine: In this 23-minute video interview, Algonquin Elder Michael Bastine shares legends and teachings from the Native traditions about Sasquatch, the Stone Giants and Little People. He addresses the interdimensional aspects of the Forest Giants and of the related UFOs. This ancestral wisdom teaches us how to use wisely… Continue reading Bigfoot teachings, by Algonquin Elder Michael Bastine


Account from an Ojibway Midewiwin Elder about Sabe (Sasquatch)

In this episode, the Facts by How to Hunt channel shares an account from the diaries of an Ojibway Midewiwin Elder about Sabe, as Sasquatch is called in Anishnabe mowin, as well as other interesting stories about the Seven Grandfathers Teachings and other forest spirit beings.


Flying shields of the Hopi

Patuwvota: Flying Shields of the Hopi: These magical flying shields called paatuwvota existed in the Third World, a previous epoch destroyed by an immense flood. In an address delivered to the United Nations, Thomas Banyacya of the Hopi Coyote Clan said: "The people invented many machines and conveniences of high technology, some of which have not yet been seen in this age."


Sasquatch and ET artist Su Walker

Sasquatch and ET artist Su Walker: Our friend Su Walker, one of the ten artists who contributed to the Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch, has been producing some amazing artwork since 2017, specializing in portraits of Sasquatch individuals and Star People from her own channeled visions, as well as from descriptions of witnesses. Here is her information and a few of her videos.


Cryptid Podcast: Supernatural Sasquatch, the paranormal side of Bigfoot

Although the initiative of the podcast to look into those supernatural topics seems well intended, it is obvious that the analysis rendered of various contradicting theories, with speculative interpretations and uninformed opinions, come from the perspective of skeptics with no experience of the phenomena addressed. These young podcasters proved their curiosity and courage in examining all possible mysterious and mostly unexplained manifestations surrounding the Sasquatch, but they lack the discernment of inter-species communicators, tending to confuse everything paranormal with demonic. Hence, I would not recommend to listen to this podcast, as its educational value and level of understanding are relatively low especially for our readers.


The mysterious Man-Monkey phantom beast of Shropshire, England

The stretch of the Shropshire Union canal where the Man-Monkey haunts dates back to the 1770s. The Man-Monkey has been sighted around Bridge 39 of the canal many times since, over the years, as recently as 2002. If the Man-Monkey had manifested a few hundred years earlier, we would be more than likely be discussing some species of ape-like hobgoblin, while if the strange events had occurred in more recent times, we may well be looking at a tale of a British Bigfoot or perhaps a furry alien. 

Cultures, Experiencers Stories

Strange Hairy People of the Malaysian Jungle

Turning she looked up at a sight that literally paralysed her with fear. Right beside her were three big hairy creatures, two men and a woman who appeared to be human and half ape. The creatures had hair to their shoulders and a fur-like growth about their mid-sections. Their skin was light but leathery-looking their noses flattened lightly upturned exposing large round nostrils. Their eyes were small and sunken under craggy brows...


Artist Greg Allen speaks of the interdimensional Sasquatch on CBC

''You have the camp of the scientific-minded people who basically think it's an evolved ape. And then you have the "woo" side — the idea that this is an ethereal being, that it can dematerialize , it has different spiritual powers that we don't possess. As an artist, I can freely explore the "woo" side of things, without facing ridicule… as of yet... The Sasquatch being has entered through a portal onto the physical plane and is now traipsing through his forest.'' -Greg Allen