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Net working with Earth’s meridians (Ley lines, Dragon lines or Song lines)

Net working with Earth’s meridians (Ley lines, Dragon lines or Song lines), by SunBôw

We’ve all heard that the Earth is surrounded by a natural electromagnetic network (grid) and crisscrossed by a large number of energy lines, known as ley lines, dragon lines or song lines among other names in different cultures. These lines meet in certain power points, creating vortices or chakras, which translates as wheels. But this journey has brought new knowledge and understanding about these energy lines and how they naturally function, that can be useful for grid workers and all involved in Earth healing.

First, these energy lines are not straight lines, as they follow the curvature of the Earth. To give an example for an easier visualization of this principle, this photo of tensor rings assembled together into a ball shows how each line apparently straight, is in reality a ring or circle around the sphere. Note that in this photo, various rings of different lengths were randomly assembled, but in the case of the Earth’s natural network, they are perfectly fitted to perfect proportions into sacred geometry, each with their harmonizing frequencies creating resonance and blending into a collective symphony.


Secondly, the Earth’s network is not made of equal squares, as it is erroneously often simplified, but of various polygonal shapes of different sizes, including many triangles and some pentagrams and hexagons. The Earth’s network looks more like a giant spider web or a weaving worn by someone, than like a squarish, rigid charcoal grid or mosquito screen. The energy lines rarely intersect at square angles, much more often they don’t.

Thirdly, the energies along the lines are not traveling in a single direction nor on a straight course, like direct electric currents on a straight wire. The energies rather fluctuate and travel back and forth, like alternative electric currents, along a spiraling course, as do the wires in a tensor ring, creating a torsion field generating free energy.

Torsion fields created by energy spinning in a coil, as observed in tornadoes, create self-generated energy that add a continuous flow of enhanced power into the field, and into the Earth’s network in the case of ley lines. The energy travels both ways along these lines, acting as as regulating and harmonizing force for all life and for weather patterns.

The ley or song lines are also called dragon or serpent lines, as the energy traveling along them is meandering up and down like snakes, with various wavelengths, amplitudes and frequencies. Each line in fact is made of such a coil of two snakes, like a caduceus, carrying the negative and positive currents in both directions, creating natural balance.

To localize the song lines or leys, one of the best indicators are the monuments from the most ancient civilizations, dating back to eras prior to Human history, when Star Nations lived on this Earth, leaving lost mounds and pyramids in remote and unlikely locations for those who have eyes to see. The Ant-People particularly helped to establish the ley lines, when they were building mountains and caves and terraforming the young Earth.

The serpent lines can also pass through special natural features that also channel the Earth’s network energy, such as springs, mountain peaks, rocks, bays, waterfalls, capes or other special places. The ancient ones knew these song lines and often built sacred monuments, stone circles, megaliths or altars in specific power spots or vortices, usually aligned along the energy lines over vast regions, sometimes thousands of miles long, to form a global energy network with geometric patterns. This knowledge was handed down to the ancient Human tribes by the Star Nations, especially those who have been involved in developing this Earth, like the Ant-People and the Snake or Lizard-People.


For instance, the three biggest rocks of Australia forming the Kata Tjuta – Uluru – Attila alignment point pretty much directly to Gympie, where a famous stepped pyramid with surrounding inscriptions and statues was disassembled in the 1940’s, causing a break or blockage along that ley line, which our last ceremony intended to repair, mend or heal.

These blockages known as ”akina” in Hopi stop the natural flow of energy and prevent weather patterns and life forces to act normally. If control grids and wave weapons like geoengineering and weather manipulations are applied, those blockages increase in number and in their influence, causing unbalance in the natural electromagnetic flow and in weather patterns. Heavy metal particles chemtrailed in aerosol sprays and activated by microwaves or DEW can cause either floods or droughts, ignite fires and provoke seismic activity. These harmful technologies have been increasingly in use.

That artificial control grid amplified with 5G frequencies cause harmful damages, unbalance, breaches and leaks into the natural life sustaining Earth network, that need to be neutralized or counter-balanced in order to restore the Earth’s living network.

When the energy flows freely and naturally, as it is intended to be in the plan of Creation, life flourishes and thrives, as Nature’s spirits are free to accomplish their life sustaining duties and the weather patterns are harmonized to sustain all life as meant.

For those who find this information a bit too far fetched, if you have never heard of the Ant-People and their underground cities in the Grand Canyon where the Hopi found refuge, come and visit the central outback and see for yourself all the pyramids and mounds that are kept off public access on top secret underground military bases and weapon testing ranges , with hundreds of roads, mines tearing open the entire desert, power stations scattered in the middle of nowhere and gigantic 5G antennas operated officially by the Grey Division, then you would have a clue of what is out there. In case you don’t believe there are pyramids in Australia, research Gympie, Ballandean, Walsh, Tasmanian pyramids, the Piliga pyramids, and many more documented cases.

Pyramid in Ballandean, Queensland


In a nutshell, this is some of the new knowledge and understanding that has been received along this last journey to the heart of the outback in the Uluru region. We have applied this understanding to our ceremonies and work and as shown in previous posts, received positive response and beneficial rains after three ceremonies in three weeks.

We do not take credit for the weather, and certainly acknowledge the medicine work of the Originals and of all the spiritual Light workers from around the world who have joined in heart and consciousness to pray for rains and healing for Australia. But we have been shown and been able to share some of the results that we were blessed with.

We are mostly grateful to our guidance from Great Spirit, Mother Earth, the Star Elders, the Hairy Humanoids (Dooligah, Junjeri, Sasquatch), the ancestors and animal spirits, who have been assisting and teaching us all along this pilgrimage and mission. There is more info to share than time allows, next post will address the Min-min and Junjeri.

Yesterday, eastern Australia received more rainfalls than in the few previous months, with record rainfalls in years in some places. Most fires have been completely or partially put out and no new fires started except in one area of northeast Gippsland. The rains are calming down today to let the thirsty dry grounds and bush drink, but the forecast calls for more abundant rains tomorrow and in the next few days, especially in the regions of the east and southeast where it is most needed to put out the last fires.


We hope this information will be useful for some. Best blessings to our Cosmic Family…




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