Compelling Footage from Western Quebec, by Silver Lynx Photo

Compelling Footage from Western Quebec, by Silver Lynx Photo:

Credit: Silver Lynx Photo

Greetings SCENIC readers.

I rarely share any alleged Sasquatch footage just for the sake of it, although the internet is filled with samples. Many groups and websites are already involved in sharing and re-sharing or analyzing images. All footage is usually matter of debates, at times of heated arguments, as it is often hard to distinguish between genuine and fake, or to sort out authentic sightings from simple misidentification or pareidolia, depending on the level of experience and knowledge in the field. Popular opinion is not a gauge in these matters, as the general public is uneducated about Sasquatch.

Experiencers know that most encounters are not recorded nor even reported, as they happen fast and are extremely hard to capture on camera, while many contactees prefer keeping their encounters private to avoid bad publicity, ridicule and attacks. With time, they learn that the paranormal phenomena surrounding interdimensional beings such as Sasquatch often interfere with electronic equipment like cameras; so in the end, the Sasquatch are the ones who decide whatever can be captured of them.

Sometimes they are visible to the naked eye but don’t show up in the camera, while other times they are invisible to the eyes but appear on some photos or footage. Trying to document such phenomena with images has proven to be extremely challenging and those who have more success are usually the ones who communicate with the Sasquatch, ask permission and understand their interdimensional abilities.

So many of the best images I have been shown were kept private, as with time experiencers give up on trying to prove anything to a skeptic public, giving priority instead to the encounters themselves, rather than trying to document them for an audience, bringing their encounters to deeper more intimate levels. However, at times the Sasquatch appear and offer their images to communicators they select and trust, as gifts to be shared for our collective education in the great ongoing process of cosmic disclosure.

Our long time friend Silver Lynx (@silverlynxphoto), from the Outaouais region in Western Quebec, is a wildlife photographer and a Nature protector. Since years, she has been reporting intense Sasquatch activity in her region, inspiring her to share photos she has taken on her Sacred Sasquatch Facebook page and in a book she published. This week, she posted her latest video, with amazing footage that I find highly compelling.

The video shows what appears to be a small-size or younger Sasquatch-type forest being sitting in the woods and turning its (his or her?) head slowly from side to side. At one point, the creature looks straight at the camera, clearly aware that it is being filmed, so obviously this video is gifted voluntarily. Silver Lynx Photo captured these images with her cell phone, from a distance of about five meters. She commented that she does not approach them too close nor disturb their tree structures, out of respect. For this reason, she requires that the exact location be kept private, to prevent incursions in their home.

Video by Silver Lynx

As I have stated before, no amount of evidence will ever suffice to convince the skeptics and deniers, so it is not the point of sharing this. This kind of gifted images are meant to educate and confirm for sincere seekers what experiencers describe from their encounters with these wonderful interdimensional forest keepers commonly known worldwide as Sasquatch, or in this part of the world as Sabe (Sabay), Misabe or Kitchi Sabe, from the Anishnabe mowin (Algonquin language).

Of course there will always be some whose cognitive dissonance and selective memory will prevent from seeing anything approaching an interdimensional manifestation even in a visible physical form, or those who prefer videos of the guys in the ghillie suits in the standard, classical Patty posture, or the close up of the impersonator with a Chewbacca plush mask stuck to his face, without mentioning any famous name.

But if you can open your mind, regardless of what your preconceived beliefs are, and look into the eyes of the being in this footage, you might be able to feel the authenticity of its soul. Thanks to Silver Lynx (@silverlynxphoto) for accepting to share her images with our readers and a public audience. All credits go to her.

SILVER LYNX (@silverlynxphoto) Artist, author, wildlife photographer

Official Webpage: SILVER LYNX PHOTO


Here a couple of her previously released videos showing various tree structures among other things.

6 thoughts on “Compelling Footage from Western Quebec, by Silver Lynx Photo”

  1. Thank you for Posting this on Scenic Sasquatch. Sunbow, almost 2 weeks ago, I was walking toward a dead end road Upstate NY, a neighbor’s large field boarding a mountain forest. Felt an energy presence. Put my hand out, 3 hairy figures, children, huddled together started to move forward and seemed phasing out. Stepped forward and looked all around. Vanished out of physical sight, but felt their presence standing there in front of me in another Universal parallel state of presence. Sent a telepathic message to please have your forms photographed. Was waiting for this posting from you.
    Just now as writing this comment, standing in front of me, parent wild Turkeys with little ones that set off motion sensors. They’re looking right at me, no fear. Must give you the enforcer’s journey message.
    The Sasquatch came to me on January 18 of this year. Felt and heard a loud thump on top of the roof. Looked all around, nothing, no damage seen. Walked the mountain top for weeks. Then the below comment and videos occurred.

    COMMENT POST ON THE Crystal Skull Video.
    ” Greetings from the Family, Galactic Federation of light.
    Well said, no worries, Planet Earth is Ascending with the awakening of Light.
    Found this Channel through a telepathic message from a young Sasquatch and a vocal roar from the mountains to send Unconditional love to Sunbow, due to a period of sadness they felt planet wide for his loss around March 3rd.
    There is no Death, the light from the Unconditional love for them radiates the Spirit and soul FOREVER.
    Too much to say, yes, from Alpha Draconis to Zetareticulans, we are all one with the CREATION.”

    I know I have Sasquatch in me. I know I am a Hybrid. But all of us are also. The only difference, I can see that, but the masses keep their veils ( masks ) on.
    2 Days after this post, had to get up 3AM in the morning and walked up the road and saw above the Catskills mountain ranges, clear night sky loaded with light spheres very high in the thousands. Much lower hundreds forming a chromosome D.N.A / R.N.A sequence pattern identical to 1950 Farmington New Mexico UFO Armada event.

    A day later, Dark and military helicopters flew over the area. Also low over my vacation house. Walton NY has a dark secret. AN UNREPORTED UFO Crash did occur here and remains unreported. Found an occupant of that crash. Occupant was returned, thanks to Scenic Sasquatch and all contributing personnel, now I know how they kept it hidden interdimensionally. Again, if it happened here, it’s happenning elsewhere. That is why the local Update NY residents here and elsewhere are being targeted for termination by New York City CABAL secret shadow government. Like the Turkey, they are being hunted down. But like the Turkey, now you see them, then they vanish.
    The 1950 Farmington New Mexico UFO Armada event was a message that Planet Earth was degraded from Carbon base 14 to 12. The low dense forms we have now, are a byproduct of this planet. From the first Trinity New Mexico Atomic testing, to the first Hydrogen Bomb testing. A total of 2,500+ nuclear testing occurred.
    To eliminate the Sasquatch and other trapped star races. You destroy them, you are self destructing.
    Sunbow you are the Ambassador for them. As the Enforcer the Sentinel Light Spheres appeared for Assistance. Found a mass cavern grave in the Caribbean. You found one in Australia.

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    1. Thank you Frank for sharing you interesting experiences and insights. Your comments and support are always welcome and appreciated. Indeed, we are all hybrids, yet some remember better than others. We are all relatives after all. Thanks for the connection…


  2. Additional info: After viewing the video some 20 times and having a live conversation with Silver Lynx, who describes her area as a breeding and raising ground, it seems to me like this is a juvenile female Sasquatch who is shyly learning to observe the outskirts of human habitat, getting initiated to the practice of interdimensional manifestation into our realm. This is why her face seems at times to go out of phase and shape-shift, as she sits between dimensions. Her first attempt at inter-species communication has proven fruitful, as it seems she has been chosen to show herself as an emissary. Her kind expression and innocent face will have many humans look into her tender eyes and wonder. Send her love and gratitude for her voluntary exposure for disclosure. As for the smaller baby-like thing she holds again herself, shown at the end of the video, it looks to me like a toy doll made of fur. Blessings to all…


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