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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch, Part 4

Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch, Part 4:

Following Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 in this series, here are additional selected comments on the original post from Indigenous Life Movement.

SPE: We should allow ourselves to be open to the mystery and phenomena of nature beyond our present experiences. This is a very heart warming story…

HW: I was about 12, my buddy Chris and I where walking through the woods by our houses. A long story short, he passed out in a mud puddle, yes a mud puddle, and I was scared and freaked out because it was my first time this deep by myself. But anyway, something, I don’t know what it was, it ran by me, it was about 7-8 foot tall it seemed. But anyway, I followed it and it lead me too the meadow in the neighborhood.

NM: Yes! I remember dad talking about Mupits. I loved hearing those stories outside by the fire.

JB: They were always used to build things. Longhouses and many things. Only certain people of the tribe could call them.

HW: I would like to (meet) him sometime and ask for healing physically, Spiritually emotionally and mentally.

PC: Wow!! I’ve always wondered about the Sasquatch!! When I was 15, I was in a very scary situation where I was being assaulted and choked!! I turned my head to the side trying to catch my breathe, I saw this Sasquatch running across the field, in an instant, the terror I was feeling was replaced with peace!! At that very moment, the man choking me just let go of my neck, and told me to get up and get dressed!! And he let me go!!! That Sasquatch saved me that day!! I believe this with all my heart… I’m glad she did too!… (I) promptly blocked that memory until I was 21 in treatment, actually on the island and my counselor said to my group walk along the beach and look for something that meant something to each of us and I was like wtf? How will I do that and I looked on the beach and saw a shell shaped like a Sasquatch footprint and the memories of that night flooded my memory. My counselor said she was my guardian spirit and yes I know it sounds weird, but I know it was a female. She wasn’t big big like I hear the males can get and I knew they meant me no harm!! Sometimes I wish I could ask that evil man if he saw her too, but I never want to see him again. Oh yes and even though I can’t remember exactly where it happened, I know it was pretty close to YVR. I’m so sorry for unloading, but I’m having a hard time right now and just talking about it makes me feel a lil better, I always wondered why she saved me, but I’m grateful every day, especially when I see my precious grandchildren growing up with a sober nana… I know I saw her! And people like you (JB) were the reason I kept it to myself, but I now realize that if it were a human to rescue me, I never would have done that, I would tell about how grateful I am to that person! So I will tell and know that there are those who ridicule me and you know what? I’m perfectly fine with that! I know what I saw and from other comments on here I’m not the only one! I pray you never need one like I did that you can live in your lil bubble forever cause I clearly remember the fear I felt before she showed up and I wouldn’t want that for anyone. So I’d say I feel awesome that I found a site where the majority of those commenting believe or saw! That is the most awesome almost surreal experience we were blessed with! I knew the lil lady I saw made me feel the first true feeling of peace I’ve ever had in my life.

AMH: Thank You Father for using a SASQUATCH TO SAVE HER LIFE…

RKDM: Wow thanks for sharing this, you have the heart of big man.

DS: They are a people PC. And some are very kind and will help those of us in trouble or distress. You were being helped by Sabe. Like nature that we observe to learn lessons from and the right way to live in harmony and balance. Our big brother Sabe can teach us through observing his ways of interacting with all of nature including ourselves. This much I have learned myself. To trust and be relaxed is a difficult thing for most people, especially during a time when creating fear gets more attention and sells better. Patience is sadly underrated too. Sabe/bigfoot are an ancient people and deserve respect.

SC: PC, I believe you, one saved my life in NYC in the 80’s. I didn’t realize it was them until years later. Glad you were saved. How horrific to go through. Now you are never alone.

SMS: He saved me too. He carried me across the river, even though it felt like a dream. But I’m sure he saved me.

IB: I believe your story, as they mentioned the same by a Ponca tribal member. How they saved children from drowning and carried them across flooded rivers to safety.

GF: I honestly believe you. Four of us saw one when we were teenagers. I was about 14. He stopped, looked at us and took off fast to another bush. I’m from Saskatchewan, Canada, and he his still seen once in a while.

TSB: I saw one years ago at Angels Camp, up in Guienda, California. Clear as day. I was with my two little ones, headed down a stream to fish. 9 and 4. I wasn’t scared, my 9 year old saw it too, but we acted like we didn’t see it.

MN: I’d like to share, but mine was a dream, so its probably not that interesting. But you all have very great stories about him.

JF: MN, I used to dream about one as well. The dream was always the same, but each time there would be more to it.

TS: He is here near my home! Seen several times. Once picked a car stuck in the mud and bounced it several times up & down!

MJ: Manitoba. I hear he comes to the reserves sometimes and scares the little wee ones.

JB: I’m a believer. My husband and I were in Oregon on our way up to Timberline Lodge for our honeymoon. My husband was driving, and on the left side of the road, standing up against the tree line was a very tall, large, hair covered being. I wouldn’t use the word man, because it wasn’t like a man at all. Seven feet tall or more. It was aware of us, and stood perfectly still as we drove past. I told my husband “I’ve just seen a Sasquatch, and it was amazing”. My husband didn’t believe me and laughed. I thought about turning back, but I felt such a reverence for it that I wanted to leave him be. It was enough that I KNEW I saw him and he saw me. The following day there were reports on the radio of Big Foot sightings in the exact area we were driving. My husband gave me a look, and I said “I told you”…. You’re a lucky gal to have crossed paths. It’s truly a gift!… There are many old-timers in St. Augustine, Florida, who have stories about the Skunk Ape on the old 9 mile road (swamp) south of town. The area is now protected, but sadly there is commercial development moving near. Such an amazing place, and so many stories.

MHB: I saw him in Northern California. We were on the road going north to Klamath River in mountain area. My husband pulled over the truck and we were walking around. I followed the creek on the left, he and my daughter went a different direction. I had to stop and pee. As I pulled my pants up, I felt something across the water watching me. It was as if he was talking in my head. He was glad to see me, he was in peace, and he would be around. There was much more. I walked back to the road where my family was and they said I had been gone for about 30 minutes or more. That night, I felt like he had followed me home and was under my window. It was very strange. This went on for about 3 more nights. After that, I always felt him and his people around when I was in the forest. I never felt any kind of fear in the redwoods alone. I felt protected and like it was home. I miss the redwoods. He steps into my dreams every now and then. It is like greeting of an old friend.

ADW: The woodlands of the northwest are to vast and remote for the big hairy man not to possibly be there. I have always believed and I’d love to meet him.

LW: They came in a spaceship when my house was on fire! Didn’t know until I saw my photos! He made me & my partner’s hair stand up all over our body one night, when we heard him screaming. There are both Male & Female with Lil ones. So watch out, they can be here today, and by you tomorrow. Just saying.

HS: They are just like aliens, powerful beings…

EH: That’s what I thought. Dimensions or alien travelers. I like the medicine man’s explanation. Dimensions.

BO: Something like this is phenomenal and we understand a little about. A smart person would leave this alone, reason is it does things no person or animal can do. Just think what it might do to you, if it hasn’t already…

KJS: Any time one dies at our hands, the body is usually recovered. Quickly. It’s probably the only time I’ve ever seen G-men on the Rez.

SC: Kia ora tatou. I am from New Zealand. After a particularly heavy spiritual cleanse of some highly sacred trails, one came into my presence thanking me. He then pointed through the trees and his whole whanau (family) was there, about 8 in all. There were moko (young ones), female and elders. Tihei mauri ora… Let there be life.

VMS: I enjoy all the posts about big people, I have seen him 5 times…

DHE: I saw him long ago when I was a kid. In Uppercut Meat, South Dakota.

PW: Was camping in southeast Missouri and kept hearing something just out of sight. About 1 a.m. something made a howl/scream across the field and just a few seconds later we heard limbs cracking loud, breathing and it got quiet, I mean silent. And I grabbed my flashlight, shined it where the last sound was and I saw eyes shining in the reflection about 6 or 7 feet high. Soon, as I broke the light, he or she was gone. Next day we found 2 footprints and a few hairs stuck to a tree.

SF: Wow. I always thought you will see him, but only if he wants you to!

LT: My papa believes in him. I’ve heard he’s a spirit and when he’s around, he’s making sure our forest is growing healthy and the animals are ok and the water is clean.

WBG: Maybe the movie “the lorax” is the hint to what’s about to go down.

LG: It doesn’t matter if it can be proven or not. The legend gives courage. Whether one is battling the elements or evils in the form of other humans, the idea of a powerful ally gives hope.

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